Research produced at business schools around the world has the potential to create valuable impact on practice. Yet, in order for our research to be impactful, we need to ask ourselves:

  • Are we asking the right questions?
  • Are we generating actionable insights?
  • Are we getting the message across effectively?

Our Approach: Driving Real Impact

For decades, business schools have been discussing the problem of translating the insights of academic research into practical applications in industry. Many challenges—from language barriers and relevant questions to academic infrastructure and misaligned incentives—keeps research from impacting industry and society.

The Translational Research Center at the Fox School of Business aims to address these barriers head-on to truly move the needle of impact—and change the way research is done, measured, and applied in business schools. Founded in 2018, the Translational Research Center demonstrates the Fox School’s commitment and willingness to push the limits and explore the next frontiers in business education and research.


Closing the gap between research and practice takes time—and effort. The Translational Research Center has developed a series of resources that capture the contextual and systemic challenges, summarize the thoughts of leaders in the field, and outline the suggested paths forward.


The Translational Research Center hosts events and workshops throughout the year for faculty members, students, and executives. From large-scale convenings and high-profile executive speakers series, to hands-on workshops and individual mentoring, the Translational Research Center offers opportunities throughout the year to help connect research to practice.