The Center for Business Analytics and Disruptive Technologies works to strengthen research and education in data analytics in order to advance the field’s understanding of patterns and develop the next generation of leaders. The center also cultivates relationships with industry, policymakers and society to expand its impact beyond academia and into the hands of practitioners. 


The Center for Business Analytics and Disruptive Technologies builds relationships among faculty and students within and outside the Fox School to facilitate interdisciplinary research in the domain of data analytics. The center aims to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations in optimization, algorithms, data mining, predictive modeling and computational methods in data analytics. Our goal is to advance the field of data analytics by developing new methods for extracting knowledge and understanding patterns.

Researchers in the center pursue various research topics, such as:   

  • Analyzing the impact of physicians’ network structure on healthcare cost and quality.
  • Optimizing the impact of healthcare information exchanges on cost and quality of healthcare delivery.
  • Understanding consumer behavior in social media and analyzing the business value of social media engagement, especially in an omnichannel setting. 


The center works to support the next generation of data analysts in academia and industry. We develop and deliver educational initiatives in the domain of data analytics, implementing interdisciplinary curricula at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

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Industry, Government and Community Outreach

Relationships with industry, government and community organizations are key to bringing research insights into the hands of practitioners who can implement them. The Center for Business Analytics and Disruptive Technologies builds alliances with industry partners to tackle practical problems. We aim to commercialize technology, methods and patents related to data analytics to deliver solutions that will benefit industry and society at large. 

The center offers to develop outreach programs to the community by creating new opportunities from data analytics. We also seek to develop government and industry partnerships for research, education and training.

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