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Management Information Systems supports three strategic pillars of the Fox School of Business, entrepreneurship, globalization, and information technology. Martin Doyle serves as Department Chair.

The vision of MIS is to be a worldwide leader in transformative research and teaching on the design, use, and effects of information technology in a digital world.

Our teaching mission is to prepare a diverse and changing population for a life-long pursuit of learning, leadership, and success with information technology.  Our research mission is to produce knowledge that fundamentally transforms the design and use of information technology by integrating multi-disciplinary perspectives. Our objectives include:

  • Generate ground breaking research by drawing on diverse theories, methods, and approaches.
  • Draw upon research to inform forward thinking professionals to design, implement, and lead innovative uses of information technology in organizations and markets.
  • Offer theoretically informed, experiential, and collaborative education on the innovative and ethical design, development, and application of information technology.
  • The MIS department offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in information systems.


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