Our purpose is to provide quality academic advising services that empower students to make informed decisions about their education, projected career, and personal/professional life at Temple University.

Students work collaboratively with our academic advising team to develop individual plans for academic success, interpret university policy, fully utilize campus resources, and engage in the process of reflection and decision making that will promote their achievement.

Come Prepared

As an active participant in the advising process, you’ll bear the ultimate responsibility for making educational and career decisions. Therefore, the Fox School advising staff relies on you to be prepared with questions and refer to your advising notes both before and after meetings. You’re expected to know university policies and your program requirements as defined in the Bulletin and on your report.

Advisors strive to provide knowledgeable assistance to ensure your accurate understanding of university and school policies, utilization of campus resources, interpretation of curriculum requirements, and timely completion of degree requirements.