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About the Program

The Master’s in Business Research (MSBR) at the Fox School of Business is a STEM-designated degree program that is designed to prepare students for PhD study. This one-of-a-kind program is designed such that MS students enroll in PhD courses alongside current PhD students and have the opportunity to learn from leading scholars. Coursework will provide exposure to and training in core business theories, research methods, and advanced statistical analyses. Students may choose to enroll in coursework that allows them to pursue their own research projects. This program is ideally suited for individuals who may have interest in pursuing a PhD in a business discipline but are not yet ready to commit to a five-year full-time program, who may not yet know which specific area of study they would like to pursue, or who feel they need more grounding in business research and statistics before pursuing PhD study. Through the training received, the Master’s in Business Research program prepares students for PhD study at other universities.

(Note: Students may apply to the Fox PhD program(s) upon completing the MSBR, however admission is not guaranteed. GMAT or GRE requirement may be waived if applicant demonstrates a strong quantitative background, such as successful completion of a Statistics or Calculus course during their undergraduate degree.)

Why the Fox MSBR?

The MSBR at the Fox School of Business is a STEM-designated degree program that offers a unique opportunity to enroll in PhD courses alongside current PhD students. The program’s coursework provides an immersive research experience and will provide a realistic preview as to what doctoral study will be like. Students will leave with a strong grounding in research, theory, methods, and statistical analyses. MSBR students will have the opportunity to write research papers as part of their coursework and thus receive training in the fundamentals of research. Students may also enroll in courses that allow them to pursue their own research projects. These papers can be included as part of their application package to PhD programs.

All courses are instructed by leading scholars in their respective fields of study. As such, students who go on to apply to PhD programs may request letters of recommendation from top scholars.

If, after completing this program, students decide not to pursue PhD study, the knowledge and skills gained will make them well-prepared and competitive for many industry-related positions (e.g., in consulting or in the public or private sector).

The MSBR program is designed to provide students with maximum flexibility. First, the curriculum allows students the flexibility to decide their program of study. This 30-credit program has only one required course, thus students may design a program of study that allows them to specialize in an area of study or opt to take a breadth of courses to learn more about various areas of study. Second, the program is designed to give students flexibility with respect to time to graduation. Students may enroll on a full-time or part-time basis. Students can design a program of study whereby they complete the program in just one year by enrolling in independent study credits over the summer months. Or students may decide to enroll on a part-time basis and complete the program over several years (the program must be completed in six years).

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