Our mission is to employ the use of experiential learning to uniquely position the Fox School as a school whose students are given hands-on opportunities well beyond the traditional classroom experience. With Philadelphia as our classroom, and well-developed programs around the globe and in the virtual space, we have an enhanced ability to enrich our students’ classroom-based theory.

Learn by Doing

Experiential learning means our students learn by doing, and this is a hallmark of a Fox School education. We prepare students to thrive in today’s digital, global economy, and we provide them with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities throughout their education. Examples include an internship with a Big Four accounting firm, the Fox Leadership Development Program (FLDP) and a guest lecture from Philadelphia Phillies legend Jimmy Rollins.

Our faculty are world-class teachers. They recognize that today’s learning models have changed and are continuing to evolve. By offering students hands-on opportunities that go well beyond the traditional classroom experience, we ensure our students’ educational experience is one of robust personal and professional growth.

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Experimental Learning Activities

Legal Studies 803 (African Americans Equality & the Law) Race Problem Project

This is an empirical project where students identify a race problem that occurred during the semester, formulate a solution, actually carry out the solution, and analyze the results.  The analysis of the results includes: a discussion of the implementation of the solution, their anticipated results prior to taking action, why they took the action that they implemented, other possible actions they could have taken, and in retrospect would they respond the same way if confronted with the same problem again--if so, why and if not, how would they now respond.  This project requires each student to “open their eyes,” become aware of racial issues around them, not only recognize ways to resolve them, but actually address the identified problem.  “Don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk.”

Actuarial Science 3597 (Actuarial Practice: Group and Health Benefits) Pricing Project

Students develop pricing assumptions for two versions for a life/health insurance product. They support selected assumptions with a rationale and industry references. Using the assumptions, they develop 896 product/age/sex/inflation/tax status and monthly prices using Excel and VBA. They also write up an actuarial memorandum supporting assumption selection, price methodology and product prices. This project is mentored by industry practicing judges, culminating in a presentation and a session in which students provide answers to the judges’ questions.

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute’s (IEI) Innovation Leaders Speaker Series

The Innovation Leaders Speaker Series (ILSS) has created a network of innovation executives in the Philadelphia region and built partnerships between Temple University and the innovation community. Through a series of speaker events throughout the year featuring leaders in the innovation space, the ILSS provides Fox graduate students and alumni with an ongoing opportunity to connect with experts in the industry and to network with top-level executives from leading companies in the area.

Marketing 3508 (Digital Marketing)

Teams of 4-5 students work with a local small business to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy. In the fall of 2019, for example, approximately 20 clients were served.  This also extends to online sections where student teams select a real local client and develop a detailed digital marketing strategy. However, they do not implement the strategy due to condensed time constraints, but are encouraged to reach out to the business to present the strategy and follow us as time allows.


While at the Fox School, students learn by doing in ways that are beneficial to their professional journey. Here's what they have to say in their own words.

Alison Kline, Class of 2020

Professors encouraged us through research projects to have conversations with professionals and even visit their workplaces to get a feel for what our futures might look like. These experiences helped me understand my values and how I would align them in my professional career. TUSCA, the supply chain organization, encouraged me out of my shell at the many networking events they offered. I learned the value of walking up to a stranger and saying hello, especially when a connection I made my freshman year helped me land an internship position two years later. I am now exponentially more comfortable connecting on a professional level, which has greatly helped me especially now in my remote position at AmerisourceBergen. 

Maria V. Villafañe Perez, Class of 2020

My preferred method of learning is to do it. Something can be explained to me several times, but unless I do it myself, I will forget or I won’t fully understand what I am supposed to do. Having internships under my belt that had to do with what I was studying helped me greatly in trying to decide if I liked my major and if I liked what I was doing or if I needed to go a different route within my field. Also, experiential learning helped me learn more about what opportunities are within my major that are not talked about in classes.

Hannah Polito, Class of 2022

I learned through participating in different organizations to get more hands-on experience. I joined a student professional organization (SPO) that helped me network with my peers and allowed me to network with industry professionals. The SPO provided me with a lot of information and opportunities to grow my industry knowledge. Also, my Business Communication class gave me resources that will help me in the future as an emerging professional, specifically presentation skills and business writing etiquette.


I am a FOX/STHM student.  How can I get more involved in experiential learning?

All Temple students are involved per their classroom learning.  Students interested in further EL activities should reach out to their professors and relevant student professional organizations.

I am a stakeholder interested in collaborating with Temple faculty and students.  How can I do that?

The Fox School of Business and School of Sports, Tourism and Hospitality Management welcomes experiential learning opportunities with our colleagues in the Philadelphia area and beyond.  Please browse our notable programs or reach out to our co-directors.

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If you are a student who would be interested in learning more about experiential learning activities or wants to get involved, contact or . Representatives of organizations or companies who would like to partner with Fox for an experiential learning activity can also contact Blessley or Gregory for additional information.

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