Financial Aid Resource Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Students who are eligible for Federal Aid are eligible for:

Students ineligible for federal aid can apply for a private student loan.

Graduate students can borrow up to $20,500 in an Unsubsidized loan.

There is an aggregate loan limit on total outstanding subsidized and unsubsidized loans of $138,500 (this includes all previous subsidized and unsubsidized loans).

There is no aggregate limit on the Graduate Plus loan, but students can only borrow total loan amounts within their Cost of Attendance* each semester.

Private lenders may have aggregate lifetime loan limits, so students should research this with their specific lender. Students can borrow total loan amounts within their Cost of Attendance* each semester.

Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through

*The Cost and Aid Tab of TU Portal will have an estimated Cost of Attendance for each student (based on full-time enrollment)

Fox Graduate Program Merit-Based Scholarships

When you apply for admission, you are automatically considered for several merit-based scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic and professional achievements.

Alumni Reward Program

5% tuition discount for any Temple alumna/us. For outside scholarships, it is recommended that you check with any organization you are a part of or search online to see what might be available. You can also visit the Temple University Student Financial Services’ Scholarship page which has a link to common scholarship search sites.

MBA Scholarships

Third Party Billing (Contract) is the process whereby Temple University bills an outside organization/company for all or a portion of a student’s tuition and/or fees. Third party billing (Contract) is subject to the same federal reporting requirements as other financial aid.

If you are expecting a third party to pay your tuition and other fees, special arrangements must be established with the Third Party Coordinator before any bills can be issued to the third party. If you are receiving tuition remission or employer remibursement, your Federal Student loan eligibility could be affected.

Please note, Employer Reimbursement is a different process than third-party billing. Please see our Employer Reimbursement vs. Third Party Billing Resource for more clarification.

Third Party Billing Site

Please review the disbursement dates for the earliest dates financial aid is released. Financial Aid typically disburses at the start of each semester.

In order for Financial Aid to disburse, all requirements must be complete. Financial Aid requirements will be listed on the SFS Dashboard on the Cost and Aid tab of TU Portal.

Common requirements include:

In order for any student to be eligible for federal loan funds, they must be enrolled at least half-time (4.5 credits for graduate students) at the time the funds are disbursed to the account.

For additional questions or concerns, you can reach out to the Student Financial Services: or visit: