Our Goals

To move Fox forward, we’ve identified four goals with supporting initiatives to help us achieve these goals.

We are grateful for the contributions and efforts of the Fox community. Without their input and support, none of this would be possible. Special thanks to Anthony Seeton, the lead for the planning process, the Steering Committee and the Strategic Planning Task Force, including: Chuck Allen, Megan Alt, Ronald Anderson, Steve Balsam, Jeffrey Boles, Lauren Burns, Debbie Campbell, Emily Cashin, Giacomo (Jack) Cesareo, Lindsay Clark, Ellie Dittes, Brisilda Doma, Eric Eisenstein, Kara Goldman, Martin Grace, Zachary Guidone, James Hansen, Crystal Harold, Mike Hughes, Aubrey Kent, Barbara Manaka, Robert McNamee, Ram Mudambi, Meredith Okenquist, Dominick Peake, Heather Proccacino, Eric Rivera, Lori Roseman, Ed Rosenthal, Zahra Safa, David Schoch, Corinne Snell, Alex Stein, Tiffany Sumner, Sunil Wattal and Julian White.

This plan has been established with the acknowledgment that our internal and external environments are fluid and dynamic and therefore may be subject to change.