Research Leadership

Fox research faculty are committed to developing new ideas and creating knowledge for the benefit of the community, industry and society. Translating research for consumption beyond academic audiences is a priority. High-quality research informs teaching innovation for the benefit of our students, informs industry partnerships for the benefit of business practice and informs policy development for the benefit of society.

Research Leadership Commitments

Research Institutes and Centers

Support Institutes and Centers through which we will encourage a culture of collaboration and cross-disciplinary investigation in order to maximize the impact of our world-class scholars.

Excellence in Doctoral Programs

Support for a high-performing doctoral program, focusing on research training, intellectual contributions, teaching and faculty placements among peer and aspirant schools globally.

Translational Research

Continued support for the Fox Translational Research Center, which serves as a platform for advancing research by creating and leading actionable models to enhance the impact of global business scholarship.

Broaden Scholarly Activities

Broadening our definition of scholarship to facilitate the participation of more faculty in the research enterprise. To this end, incentive alignment across a spectrum of scholarly activities will be a priority.