Inclusive Culture

People are the backbone of the Fox School, and being a place for them to grow and thrive in their careers is a pillar of our plan. In the recruitment, development and retention of our faculty and staff, we also prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure that all our people are part of a positive, open-minded and respectful working and learning environment.

Inclusive Culture Commitments

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mirroring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) advancements in industry, the Fox School will identify and follow best practices and principles, supported by dedicated DEI awareness events and training.

Leveraging Knowledge for Improvement

Leveraging our status as a global leader in education and research, we will support the creation and dissemination of knowledge around DEI and workplace culture.

Collaborative Workplace Culture

Facilitating and supporting collaborative work between and among Fox faculty and staff, including formal recognition of impactful joint activities. Support transparency through purposeful school-wide communication of activities and achievements.

Ensure a Sense of Inclusion

Supporting new and improved mentoring and professional development programs to heighten awareness, provide growth opportunities and ensure a sense of inclusion for all staff and faculty.

Employee Retention and Engagement

Adhering to best practices in employee engagement and retention to maintain a motivated and stable workforce.