University Policy

Temple University students who believe that instructors are introducing extraneous material into class discussions or that their grades are being affected by their opinions or views that are unrelated to a course’s subject matter can file a complaint under the University’s policy on  Student and Faculty Academic Rights and Responsibilities.  The policy encourages students to first discuss their concerns with their instructor.  If a student is uncomfortable doing so, or if discussions with the instructor do not resolve the student’s concerns, an informal complaint can be made to the Student Ombudsperson for the student’s school or college.  Unresolved complaints may be referred to the dean for handling in accordance with the school or college’s established grievance procedure. Final appeals will be determined by the Provost.

Fox School Grievance Procedures and Ombudsperson

All students in the Fox School of Business and Management are expected to abide by Fox School Code of Conduct (pdf file).

With confidentiality and by assuming a neutral or impartial role, an ombudsperson assists all members of the university community in informally solving problems and resolving conflicts while promoting alternatives to more formal processes.

Ombudspersons support effective communication, cooperation, equity and civility in academic and work environments through coaching individuals, facilitating communication between persons and departments, mediation, providing information on university policy, and where needed, recommending appropriate institutional action or change.

Students are encouraged to watch this short video, which explains the process. Students can also contact the Center for Undergraduate Advising in Speakman Hall 101 or call 215-204-4560 for further information about the Ombudsperson and grievance procedures (pdf file).

Students who believe that they have been treated unfairly in an academic matter should first meet with the appropriate ombudsperson.If the matter is not resolved informally, a formal grievance may be filed following the required steps as outlined in the Student Grievance Form for Undergraduates or Graduates.




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