The Fox School of Business PhD program combines top research faculty with small class sizes and a cutting-edge curriculum to help students succeed in today’s academic world. At the Fox School, students have the technology and resources of one of the largest urban universities on the East Coast in tandem with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Students also have the opportunity to build their research portfolio, present work at international conferences and meet with top researchers from around the world as they develop their network.

The Fox School formally encourages a culture of mentoring where faculty collaborate with students on joint endeavors. Fox students benefit from the high-quality research produced by their mentors, while the faculty benefit from these students’ fresh ideas. Both formal and informal, this mentoring is intended to support PhD students as they adapt to the rigors of academic life and successful scholarship.

The Fox School’s PhD program offers a degree in Business Administration, encompassing ten concentrations; a degree in Decision Neuroscience, and a degree in Statistics. Although tailored to meet the individual demands of field specialization, each program utilizes a similar structure. This includes coursework for approximately two and a half years, required research papers, screening examinations and a dissertation. The expected time for degree completion is five years. For more information on each field of study, including any additional requirements, allowance for interdisciplinary study and financial aid information, please explore each department’s individual page below.

Degree Programs

Executive Doctorate in Business Administration

Expand your decision-making abilities and gain new perspectives on everyday business challenges with the Fox Executive Doctorate in Business Administration program. The Executive DBA program is a part-time, three-year degree designed to equip senior managers and executives with the power to transform today’s business environment. Through the tools of applied theory and research, the Fox Executive DBA prepares you to approach problems as an evidence-based manager—and a thought leader in your field.

You’ll enhance your managerial and leadership skills far beyond your MBA. Backed by the research-focused educational excellence of Fox, the Executive DBA program connects academic exploration to real-world practice. Learn to rigorously test assumptions, compare alternative solutions, and assess the success of corporate initiatives alongside our highly-distinguished faculty, and develop the skills to address complex and practical business challenges.

The Fox Executive DBA at a Glance

  • Three year, part-time, cohort program
  • Six weekend on-campus residencies per year, for the first two years only
  • Residencies supplemented with online sessions
  • Dissertation completed during third year