Strategic Analytics

Creating internal data policies and procedures for Fox and STHM

Managing the data procurement and verification processes

Reporting to data external entities, including accreditation and survey information


  • David Kaiser

    David Kaiser

    • Fox School of Business

      • Analytics and Accreditation

        • Senior Director, Strategic Analytics

  • Lauren Kerner

    Lauren Kerner

    • Fox School of Business

      • Analytics and Accreditation

        • Associate Director Performance Analytics

Data Integrity

Ensuring the integrity of the data that is disseminated from the Fox School of Business is of the utmost importance to the administration and the analytics team. The following items must be submitted for review and verification prior to disseminating in printed or electronic form:

  • Any factual statement or document containing statistical, demographic or numerically descriptive data (this includes, but is not limited to, statements made for purposes of encouraging attendance or donations to the university)
  • Any data submitted to accreditation bodies, government entities or rankings organizations.

Data Verification Process

Below is a general outline of the process for Fox. To review the full process please click here.
Please be advised the entire process could take up to 6-8 weeks.

  • Submit a ticket through our internal TUHelp ticketing system.
  • The requestor will schedule and meet with the SA team to review the request.
  • The SA team will compile the report and send it to the university Data Verification Unit (DVU) for additional review.
  • If applicable, the report will be sent to a third-party vendor before for final confirmation verifying the data report.
  • The requestor will receive the report with confirmation of verification.

For additional questions or information, please contact David Kaiser at .