Strategic Declarations

The following Strategic Declarations articulate our Vision, define our Mission and the shared Values of our stakeholders, and describe the Culture that will characterize the next chapter in the school’s history.


To transform student lives, develop leaders and impact our local and global communities through excellence and innovation in education and research.


The Fox School of Business transforms our students into responsible professionals and leaders through engagement with Fox communities committed to lifelong learning, service and the advancement of management practice.


The Fox School is home to a community focused on excellence in the creation, application and dissemination of knowledge. The Fox School thrives on collegiality, collaboration and competition, guided by a strong sense of ethics and trust. We foster transparency, open communication and inclusion. Grounded in the power of our values, we combine thought leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop future leaders. We reward innovation and encourage everyone to be forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, action-oriented and empowered. Our community is strong, diverse, connected and proud.

Our Values

Our shared values guide our actions and describe how we behave in the world. These values are the underpinning of our culture and the essence of our mission. Within the Fox School, we declare the following to be our guiding values.


We work together to achieve common objectives, and we recognize, reward and encourage cross-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder efforts.

Diversity and Inclusion

We encourage and respect diversity in all forms and perspectives, and we create an inclusive, welcoming environment where everyone is emboldened to reach their full potential.


We support, recognize and reward people by providing them with the tools and resources they need to learn, develop and succeed. In so doing, we challenge and encourage one another to persevere and excel in these pursuits.

Ethics and Integrity

We create an atmosphere where trust, honesty and transparency are expected, valued and practiced.


We embrace innovative thinking, unique action and challenge norms while seeking solutions that solve problems and have a positive impact on our community.