Educational Innovation

We reaffirm our commitment to our students, their post-graduate activities and our alumni community, as well as continuously improving our curriculum, teaching methods and assessment of student outcomes.

Educational Innovation Commitments

Enhancing Best Practices

Broadening and enhancing formal support for pedagogical innovation, technological agility and best practice sharing, including student professional development, amongst all those who support and deliver educational content to Fox stakeholders.

Increasing Collaboration

Increasing collaboration, mentorships and creativity in course offerings by supporting Fox faculty team-teaching courses, thus encouraging the creation of cross-disciplinary courses, certificates, minors and majors, and cross-university collaboration.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Creating and supporting mechanisms for lifelong learning opportunities for Fox graduates as well as global stakeholders.

Program Excellence

Deepening our commitment to program excellence through rigorous assurance of learning protocols and other data analyses.

Incorporating Business Context

Facilitating more business content into General Education for the benefit of all Temple students.