Translational Research Center

Our Vision

The Translational Research Center strives to magnify the impact of the research conducted by the faculty and students of the Fox School of Business and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. Since our founding in 2018, our goal has been to help faculty and students ask better questions and make new knowledge more useful and accessible to a broad audience of decision-makers.

Our Approach

For decades, business schools have been discussing the problem of translating the insights of academic research into practical applications in industry. Many challenges—from language barriers and relevant questions to academic infrastructure and misaligned incentives—keeps research from impacting industry and society.

The Fox School reaffirmed its commitment to research leadership as one of the four pillars of the Fox Strategic Plan 2025. The Translational Research Center plays a critical role in helping researchers positively impact the world through innovative curricula, applicable research insights and teaching methodologies.

We focus on

  • Research Connect: Connecting researchers to business leaders and policymakers to ask and answer better research questions.
  • Evidence-based Teaching & Learning: Integrating research practice and insights into the classroom while informing teaching and learning practice with the latest pedagogical research.
  • Research Reach: Supporting the diffusion of research insights to a variety of audiences.
  • Impact & Infrastructure: Working to build the platform, incentives and impact measures that support ever more insightful and useful research.


  • Sudipta Basu

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Accounting

        • Professor

        • Johnson Senior Research Fellow

  • TL Hill

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Management

        • Professor of Instruction

  • Monica Wadhwa

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Marketing

        • Associate Professor

        • Liacouras Research Fellow

  • Neha Mittal

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Statistics, Operations, and Data Science

        • Associate Professor of Instruction