Members of this year’s Marketplace have all completed the Springboard to Launch (STL) Freelancing Mentorship program, where high-potential Temple freelancers are given intensive mentoring over several weeks as they move through the launch process. This talented group includes freelancers offering products and services in the areas of photography, graphic design, writing, consulting, video/film, food, and events.

Freelancing Workshop 2022

Is Freelancing for you?

Freelancing is a great way to leverage your passion, earn a sustainable income, and manage work-life balance. 

Total freelancing income in the U.S. is approaching one trillion dollars, but almost 90% of freelancers say they wished they had been better prepared for this career move, whether freelancing as a temporary side-hustle or a long-term career.

Our kickoff event features a panel of successful Temple alumni freelancers as they share their experiences, insights, and advice for anyone considering a career in freelancing! The Starting and Growing Your Freelancing Business workshop series is open to students, alumni, faculty, and staff across all disciplines, and from all 17 of Temple University’s schools and colleges.

Why should I hire you?

Being a successful freelancer – in any field and at any scale – requires that you know how to differentiate yourself and communicate the value of your product or service via an engaging and effective marketing plan and sales pitch. This session provides the knowledge, tools, and guidance to help you do this!

Legal Basics Every Freelancer Should Know

Structuring your business, writing statements and contracts, protecting your intellectual property —  these are some of the most important issues highlighted by freelancers as need-to-know topics. Learn the practical legal issues of starting and running a freelancing venture so you can protect yourself and your business.

Money management for Freelancers

What is the one thing our successful alumni freelancers say they wish they learned in college? How to manage their finances! Be the master of (not mastered by) your company’s finances — join us for this workshop to learn the how-tos of forecasting income, managing expenses, and establishing a financially sustainable freelancing venture.

Freelancer Showcase


Gabriella Rose Design

Gabbi Ott, Tyler School of Art ‘22

Currently based in Philadelphia, Gabriella Rose Design by graphic artist Gabbi Ott specializes in digital graphics and custom shoe design. Gabriella Rose Design is all about individuality, engaging designs, and bringing visions to life. Whether it’s branding and social media graphics, or a custom pair of hand-painted kicks, Gabbi will help to create a personalized and unique experience for your desired designs.

See Why Production

Chen-Yi Wu, Theater, Film, and Media Arts ‘21

To artists and fine art students in the greater Philadelphia area, See Why Production provides documentation of the working process/ final project presentations, and collaborations with the video design.

Flamingo Society

Temple Smith, Temple University ‘22

Flamingo Society is a woman owned and operated small business that offers the best stationery to help you to write it down and make it happen!
Our award-winning planner features:

  • Simple undated formatted weekly/monthly layout
  • Thick paper perfect for gel ink pens and markers
  • Brass covered corners to prevent damage for dropping and packing
  • Gorgeous brass spiral that opens pages to full 360 without unraveling
  • Amazing motivational quotes from diverse women

Flamingo Society planners will help you make the most of your weeks and life!
Write it down and make it happen!

Balance with Shaheen

Balance with Shaheen is centered around YOU and YOUR goals. It is unrealistic to give everybody the same plan and expect results, and that is why I am here. I will help you find your routine and learn to love the process each day by providing:

  • Customized Workout Program​
  • Nutrition Tips n' Tricks
  • Workout Tips n' Tricks
  • Grocery Suggestions List
  • Exercise Video Vault
  • 24/7 Access and Unlimited Guidance
Justine Imburgio

Justine Imburgio, College of Education ‘22

Justine Imburgio is an experienced writer providing personalized stories for your and your company. Own a stylized piece of non-fiction telling the story of how you and your partner met or one capturing your family's intricate personal history. Have a company? Capture the ethos of your passion through a tailored story describing your mission. No matter your purpose, Justine Imburgio understands the value of story-telling to bring people together and to articulate the magic of everyday life.

International Music Festival Guaranda

William Valencia, Boyer School of Music ‘21

The Festival Internacional de Música Guaranda is an educational, social and cultural project of decentralization that educates through classical music. It is based on two fundamental pillars, educational and interpretative, which provide comprehensive training through workshops, seminars, master classes and concerts while having close interactions with internationally renowned artists and professionals.

Hall Monitor

Lawrence McGlynn, Klein College ‘19

The Hall Monitor Interactive News Project is dedicated to providing low-income Philadelphians with important information and actionable items regarding city and government programs, legislation, and consumer affairs via television, radio, web, and social media.

We share important information with our audience via our free newsletter, and generate revenue using our premium products, which include our week-in-review newsletter.

We are interested in connecting with potential subscribers, donors, and partners.

Fareed Simpson Music

Fareed Simpson-Hankins, Boyer College of Music ‘21

Fareed Simpson is a freelance musician who plays the trumpet. He plays a variety of music, including jazz, r&b and pop music. He specializes in special events such as weddings, parties and funerals. Fareed enjoys playing music to bring people together with live music to celebrate special occasions, solemnly reminiscing about a loved one, or having a celebratory sendoff/parade.

Aarontobin Media

Aaron Tobin, Temple University IME ‘21

To student-athletes, “Aarontobin Media” provides hands-on coaching that connects with athletes by asking personal questions resulting in an understanding of their core values. This is imperative to building an authentic brand. Authenticity drives traction for athletes’ social media channels which results in more followers and further business opportunities. Athletes’ will receive a clear picture of how they can utilize each platform to grow their message and create unique content consumers gravitate towards.

Freelancing Mentors

Karl Kraus Manager Ambler SBDC / Senior Business Consultant, Small Business Development Center
Leann Erickson Professor School of Theater, Film and Media Arts: Film and Media Arts
Desiree Cavalancia   Desideria LLC
Josh Lee Managing & Co Artistic Director Jazz Lives Philadelphia
Jeff Ansten   ZS Consulting; Temple University
Alan Kerzner Director Temple University Entrepreneurship Academy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute
Mandee Hammerstein Lead Director of Media & Public Relations MK Hammerstein Creative
Melissa Alam Founder & Creative Director Alam Digital
Zachary James   Rebel Hill Consulting
Tyra Ford Director, Personal and Professional Developmen Villanova University
Erica Merrick    
Jen Denis Senior Creative Director Experience Green Thumb Industries (GTI)
Ian Abell Photo and Video Production Coordinator Confidential

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