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Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures

Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures has an established track record in advancing start-up companies to the next level. Apply now for an opportunity to have our Advisory Board provide personalized expertise to best position your company for substantial funding. This is also an exceptional opportunity for one-on-one engagement with individual investors, angel groups, and venture capitalists.

  • Date: Friday, June 14th, 2024
  • Location: Morgan Lewis, Philadelphia, PA


Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures (MADV) is an independent organization that assists emerging, technology-based companies in their effort to build sustainable businesses by better positioning them for funding while increasing value at an early and crucial stage. MADV utilizes coaching sessions to prepare qualified companies for investments; helps ensure that investment materials are comprehensible, defensible and compelling; and provides input around critical aspects of entrepreneurship and scaling. Entrepreneurs that successfully complete these coaching sessions are invited to present their company at our quarterly venture forums, attended by accredited individual investors, angel groups, and venture capitalists. At these events, entrepreneurs engage one-on-one with potential investors.

To date, over 400 Mid-Atlantic companies have presented at MADV and have raised more than $640 million. MADV is located at the Temple University Fox School of Business and sponsored by prestigious service firms, major angel constituencies, as well as, local economic development groups.


Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures was founded with two primary missions:

  • To foster the development of science and technology-driven businesses toward pursuit and attainment of third-party investment funding.
  • To educate participants about the process of new venture development and the key factors that are critical to long-term sustainability.

Our Process

What emerging firms often need most is capital to accelerate growth, continue clinical trials, conduct beta programs, and market their products. MADV ensures firms are ready for significant funding and then provides access to funding sources. We help entrepreneurs attract the right investor, angel constituency or venture capital firm by helping them strategize beforehand.

To achieve this goal, we assist entrepreneurs with the following:

  • Develop strategic, realistic and compelling investment materials including an executive summary and investment-focused presentation.
  • Providing an insider’s view on what investors seek in emerging firms and how they think.
  • Connecting founders to key organizations and individuals who can fulfill needs, provide funding, become potential customers, vet technologies, etc.
  • Providing advice on key aspects of entrepreneurship such as business model, intellectual property, competitive landscape, market dynamics, appropriate milestones, realistic financial projections and more.

Our Track Record

Since 2003, MADV has assisted 400+ emerging firms, or 36-40 companies per year, making it the largest venture forum program in the region based on annual clients served. At each forum, we assist 8-10 emerging companies and present them to our investor network. As a result, our alumni companies have raised over $640M in early-stage funding.

MADV offers an unsurpassed network of investors, industry experts, technologists, support organizations, academicians, consultants, and service providers to best connect and position emerging firms for commercial success. Entrepreneurs also report that MADV’s coaching sessions are the most rigorous and effective in the region.


Polyaurum Logo

“I met more potential investors at this forum than I would have on my own in 2 years.”

Temple University Logo

Debra Travers

President & CEO, Polyaurum

FORGE Life Science Logo

“Since presenting at MADV, FORGE Life Science has raised a total of $2 M, with $850 K from new investors. It was a terrific opportunity to obtain very positive exposure in front of multiple life science angel investor groups. As a result, we are now more than two-thirds of the way to completing our round to fund FORGE’s first asset to IND.”

FORGE Life Science Logo

Lillian Chiang

Co-founder, FORGE Life Science

RainBank Inc Logo

“The MADV Forum provided our company with the ability to access investors with a well thought out process, as well as strengthen our network within the Greater Philadelphia Area.”

RainBank Inc Logo

Kevin Dutt

Founder & CEO, RainBank Inc.

Tassl Logo

“The group at MADV gave great feedback and mentorship which helped me fine tune my pitch for the forum. They were extremely hands on and provided great insights on how to best connect with the investment audience. Had the opportunity to connect at the Forum with the key players in the local investment scene and get exposure to new connections as well!”

Tassl Logo

Melissa Schipke

CEO, Tassl

Skyran Biologics Logo

“MADV is a great forum to start your conversation with the angel community.”

Skyran Biologics Logo

Matt Handel

President, Skyran Biologics