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Management and Business Review

The Fox School has joined as a partner of a new journal, Management and Business Review (MBR). Subodha Kumar, the Paul R. Anderson Distinguished Chair Professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, serves as the publication’s executive editor.

Unlike other management journals, MBR is guided by a diverse group of academic advisers from dozens of business schools, as well as executive advisers from a range of consulting companies and corporations. This unique structure makes MBR exceptionally aware of the needs and interests of a wide range of readers and authors. The first two issues of the journal will be free to access.

How can I submit to the Management and Business Review (MBR)?

The MBR provides our faculty with an opportunity to publish their insights and demonstrate their leadership for business leaders, industry executives, policyholders and community members. MBR offers a wide global perspective, in-depth coverage and the ability to disseminate practical results.

Scholars can submit directly to the Management and Business Review (MBR), an executive- and executive-education-oriented journal headed by a diverse group of academics, consultants and industry experts with the aim of publishing research addressing real-world business systems.

Contact Subodha Kumar () for more information.

How can I submit to the Fox Business Review (FBR)?

Researchers at the Fox School and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management can submit to the Fox Business Review (FBR), a quarterly translational research supplement to the MBR. This digital supplement will feature additional articles written by Fox and STHM faculty for Fox alumni.

Please submit to the Fox Business Review through this form.

Contact with questions.

What kind of work is the Fox Business Review looking for?

Submissions should be focused on the practical applications of your research, written for use by business leaders, industry executives, policyholders and community members. The Fox Business Review could be a good place for articles that are not quite ready for publications such as the Harvard Business Review or the Management and Business Review; however, the standard for review will be the same.

Contact with questions.

What is the submission process and deadlines for the Fox Business Review?

Faculty are encouraged to submit abstracts (250 words) through this form. If accepted, faculty will be notified and full articles (1,250-1,750 words) will be due around one month after acceptance. A faculty review committee will then review articles for suggested revisions and edits.

Contact with questions.

What is the word limit for articles published in the Fox Business Review?

Articles are expected to be between 1,250 and 1,750 words in length.

Research Connect

Research Connect is the TRC’s program for connecting researchers to business leaders and policymakers to ask and answer better research questions. It includes seminars series, advisory groups, commissioned research opportunities and faculty-executive research exchange programs.

Research Connect Seminars

This event series hosted by the Translational Research Center brings together industry executives and academics to discuss how to answer relevant questions in their fields. Subscribe to the Fox Research newsletter for the latest information on upcoming events.

Contact Monica Wadhwa () to learn more.

Commissioned Research

The Translational Research Center can help to arrange company- or organization-sponsored research at a variety of different levels of sophistication—such as methodologically sophisticated doctoral student-staffed projects, complex policy projects or bespoke strategic research by teams of MBAs and executives.

Contact TL Hill () to discuss research ideas and scope.

TRC Executive Advisory Group

The Translational Research Center uses its Advisory Group to guide best practices for connecting to industry professionals. The Advisory Group is currently in formation, with an anticipated launch date of January 2021.

Contact TL Hill () to learn more.

Faculty-Executive Research Exchange

The Translational Research Center facilitates opportunities for faculty and executives to walk a mile in each other's shoes. Faculty can sharpen research ideas through industry sabbaticals and research-oriented executives can participate in co-designed projects as TRC Executive Research Fellows.

Contact TL Hill () to discuss opportunities.

Case Corner

The TRC supports evidence-based teaching by helping faculty develop teaching cases and other tools and activities that bring insights and the research process itself into the classroom to enhance student understanding and engagement.

Case Writing Support

The Case Writing Canvas page provide Fox and STHM faculty with access to available resources for writing and delivering an effective business case, list of available outlets for case submission, a library of cases published by Fox and STHM faculty and more. It also offers an opportunity to build a community of case writers at the Fox School and STHM and match mentors and/or mentees depending on the faculty needs. Interested faculty can contact the TRC to get help in matching your teaching idea to a company, arrange writing support or join a case writers' circle.

Contact Neha Mittal () to learn more.

Case Writing and Teaching Workshops

The Translational Research Center believes that bringing research into the classroom is a key part of disseminating insights and enhancing student engagement. In this series on business cases, the TRC will support faculty and doctoral students in both writing, teaching and publishing cases with practical impact in the classroom.

View upcoming events and workshops. 

Contact Neha Mittal () to learn more.

Partnership with Ivey Publishing

The Fox School is pleased to announce a partnership with Ivey Publishing, a leader in providing business case studies with a global perspective. With over 8,000 products in their collection, Ivey Publishing adds 200 classroom-tested case studies each year.

Through this partnership with Ivey Publishing, the Fox School gains an experienced ally in writing, publishing and teaching business cases. It also gives Fox faculty access to a substantial distribution platform through Ivey’s relationships with publishers in the U.S. and Europe, including the Harvard Business Review and The Case Centre. Finally, this agreement helps raise the profile of our faculty’s expertise by highlighting the Fox School logo on the front cover of all published cases.

Did you know that Fox and STHM faculty have free access to the entire library of Ivey/Temple teaching cases? Learn more on the Case Writing Canvas page. 

Contact Neha Mittal () to learn more.

Case Champions Digital Badge Program

In 2022, the Translational Research Center launched the Case Champions Digital Badge Program, which recognize our accomplished case writers at Fox and STHM while also encouraging faculty and doctoral students to write cases and teach using cases.

Participants fill out a yearly survey outlining their case-related activities during the previous five-year period. Participants who earn a score of 70 or above will receive a digital badge to put on their online profiles such as LinkedIn, demonstrating their case writing and teaching prowess. The badges are distributed by Temple's Noncredit and Continuing Education programs.

View the Case Writers Badge List of Activities.

The survey opens yearly in January.

Contact Neha Mittal () with questions.

Case Competitions

Case writers are highly encouraged to submit their work to one of the many case writing competitions hosted by universities and case publishers.

The Fox International Business Case Writing Competition opens yearly each August. Learn more. 

Contact Neha Mittal () to learn more.

BriefCase video series

"Attadamoun Co-operative: Women's Emancipation and an Existential Dilemma" with Dr. Mounir Chaouki, and Dr. Bertrand Guillotin. The case, suitable for undergraduate and graduate classes on global strategy and entrepreneurship, talks about a powerful woman protagonist who is the founder and president of the co-operative, successfully brings hope to women in the village but deals with an Existential Dilemma during the pandemic. Watch the video.


"Inbal Dror: Expanding the Global Reach of a Couture Bridal Wear Brand" with Prof. Sara Honovich and Jennifer Sundstrom-Fitzgerald. The case talks about a bridal wear designer, Inbal Dror, and her vice-president of marketing and business development, Mr. Yehuda Katzman who has been successful in identifying new markets to continue expanding Dror’s global reach,but faces difficulty and challenges when penetrating the vast and culturally different markets of China and the Far East. Watch the video.


"La Colombe Coffee Roasters: Tangible and Intangible Elements of Brand Identity", with Ram Mudambi. The case talks about a coffee café chain in Philadelphia, PA that is dealing with the classic business dilemma of whether it should scale up its business to cater to the mass market or continue serving a niche segment through its artisanal cafes. Watch the video.


"Chick-fil-A: International Expansion Challenges" with Bertrand Guillotin. The case deals with competitive strategies in a global business environment, more specifically, it discusses concerns with customer behaviors, perceptions, and values, and how they affect their decision to associate with a brand. Watch the video.


"Swoon: Mixing Up the Perfect Marketing Cocktail" with Sheri Lambert and Marilyn Anthony. This is a marketing case that deals with brand positioning, competitive advantage of innovation and the risks and rewards of Omni channel marketing. Watch the video.

Pedagogical Research

The TRC supports pedagogical research designed to provide a solid empirical foundation for teaching practices. The goal of the pedagogical research pillar of the Translational Research Center is to exercise the capabilities and differences of the TRC, the Fox School of Business and Temple University and develop a research agenda and stream of research to innovate, advance and provide leadership in pedagogical research.

Pedagogical Research Canvas Page

The TRC's Pedagogical Research Initiative aims to determine the best ways to train the business leaders of tomorrow and operate, innovate and succeed in the digital evolution that is upon us. The Pedagogical Research Canvas page offers Fox and STHM faculty access to pedagogical research publications, suggestions of potential conferences to attend, journals, literature and resources to support faculty's development and publication of pedagogical research, and opportunities for collaboration. 

Contact Jeanne Ruane () for more information. 

Pedagogical Research Writing Circle

Join the Fox/STHM pedagogical researchers' writing circle, which normally meets the last Wednesday of every month at 12 p.m. ET via Zoom

Contact Jeanne Ruane () for more information. 

Interdisciplinary Event Series

Interdisciplinary approaches and translational research are important in advancing actionable insights to solve real-world problems. In pursuit of high impact research, the Fox School is introducing a cross-disciplinary theme for departmental seminars. By exploring a thematic area across departments and showcasing different perspectives in scholarship, the Translational Research Center (TRC), in partnership with the Office of Research and Doctoral Programs, aims to bring together scholars with common interests and increase opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the research theme was “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.”

For the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years, the research theme is “Artificial Intelligence.”

Past Events

TRC works to develop more sophisticated measurements of impact research and to adjust incentives and support systems to encourage translational research. TRC works with the Office of Research and other centers around the Fox School to advance translation-oriented research infrastructure, awards and celebrations.


The need for academic research with impact is increasingly talked about. But the barriers to true impact are immense, such as isolated disciplines, narrow incentives and more. Business schools can change this trajectory, but it will require bold, intentional action. 

2022 Digital Transformation of Workforce Development

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of organizations. Given the change in work, there is now renewed interest in reimagining workforce development, especially the role of on-the-job training, professional development, and the workforce development ecosystem.

2021 Impact Summit

What are the challenges and opportunities of industry-academia collaboration? These four big takeaways can help researchers and academic institutions encourage this kind of collaboration.

2019 Impact Summit

How can business school leadership change the way research is conceived, produced and implemented to prioritize impact? In the 2019 Impact Summit, the Translational Research Center outlined five lessons business school leaders can apply.

2018 Editors’ Summit

The 2018 Editors’ Summit at the Fox School brought together the editors-in-chief from ten top business journals representing a wide array of disciplines with academia and industry members to explore the context and challenges of driving real impact with academic scholarship and discuss how to respond to these challenges.