Research Reach

TRC provides a suite of services to support the diffusion of research insights to a variety of audiences. The suite includes diffusion planning for all new publications, support for drafting one-page summaries of accepted publications, guidelines for improving oral presentations and campaigns to highlight cross-disciplinary collections of research insights.

Insight Diffusion Planning

When a paper has been accepted for publication, TRC meets with the author to identify the most appropriate ways to diffuse its insights to a wider audience and to develop a diffusion plan. As part of this service, the TRC provides editorial connections, templates and writing and editing support. Authors must provide insight and interpretation while participating in the production of non-technical expressions of their work.

Contact Megan Alt ( to request a planning meeting.


The TRC offers support to faculty to translate academic research papers into one-page summaries. These “nanopublications” will help distill research into the practical and applicable highlights and help narrow the focus of who needs to know about this research. The goal is for every new research paper to be accompanied by a nanopublication. Faculty can write their own one-page summaries or request help from a graduate student to begin a draft.

Download the nanopublication template.

Contact Megan Alt () for more information.

Three Minute Research Presentations

In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are shorter than ever. That’s why it’s critical to be able to convey your research insights in elevator pitch-like presentations. The TRC offers guidance for recording short, polished oral presentations of your research insights. The Three Minute Research (3MR) format highlights key take-aways, findings and arguments—while making research actionable and accessible.

View the 3MR recording guidelines.

Submit your 3MR video to Matt MacNaughton ().

Share Your Wins

Have you written a blog or op-ed, been interviewed on a podcast or had your insights shared in the popular press? Let us know! As we develop our repository of research insights, we’ll link these products to your original publication.

Submit to the Fox Brief () for inclusion in the weekly faculty and staff newsletter.

Impact and Infrastructure

TRC works to develop more sophisticated measurements of impact research and to adjust incentives and support systems to encourage translational research. TRC works with the Office of Research and other centers around the Fox School to advance translation-oriented research infrastructure, awards and celebrations.


Infrastructure Summits

The Translational Research Center regularly gathers executives, policymakers and academics together in order to answer big questions and create structural change. Learn more about our past events.

Translational Research Awards

Research leadership is a hallmark of the Fox School, and as one of the school’s four strategic pillars, our commitment to both high-quality and translational research is only growing. The 2019-2020 Research Roundtable Awards highlight our faculty leaders in translational research.

2015-2017 Research Impact Report

The Fox School recognizes that research does not occur in a vacuum. In the 2015-2017 Research Impact Report, the Fox School aims to capture the impact of research in various forms—from publications and citations, to paper downloads and practical changes. This report outlines the successes of the school’s research in the 2015-2017 period.


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