Case authors from all disciplines are invited to submit to the 2021 Fox International Business Case Writing Competition. Teaching cases and teaching notes should be focused on concepts critical to international business with specific attention to delivery in a virtual environment.

International Business for an Interconnected Society

From technological advances to political realignments, emerging markets are changing where and how the world does business. To succeed in a globalized market, the next generation of leaders must be prepared to understand all facets of international business. This case competition aims to capture the changing industry trends, survival, and sustainability efforts of businesses and organizations in this global landscape. It encourages high-quality teaching case material focused on emerging economies and promotes case-writing capabilities in both developed and developing nations.

Teaching Cases in a Post-Pandemic World

Case teaching has been demonstrated to be an effective pedagogical tool. Yet in today’s online world, teachers are not necessarily equipped with the tools or knowledge for how to teach with cases in virtual classrooms. The 2021 Fox International Business Case Writing Competition aims to close that gap by calling for cases with a particular focus on online delivery. These teaching cases will support faculty’s efforts to expand their effectiveness in the post-pandemic world.

Free Workshops for Authors

Throughout June and July 2021, the Fox School of Business, in conjunction with the Temple Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) and Ivey Publishing, will host three free virtual workshops for interested authors. The workshops will present online delivery methods and best practices, as well as provide interactive opportunities for authors to hone their cases. Participants will learn how to prepare a case plan, opening paragraph and teaching note.


Aug. 2: Submission platform opens
Oct. 4: Submissions due
Nov. 15: Finalists announced
Early Dec. 2021: Winners announced


The first place case will receive $1,000. The second place case will receive $500. The third place case will receive $300. Prizes will be awarded upon submission to Ivey.

Winning case submissions will be reviewed for possible publication by Ivey Publishing.


Interested authors can register to receive more information about upcoming free workshops in June and July 2021, announcement of submission opening and closing dates, and other relevant information. 

Eligibility and Submission Guidelines

The competition is open to academicians and practitioners, and joint submissions are encouraged. Connection with a business school is not required. 

The Fox International Business Case Writing Competition has a strong preference for field-based cases (cases based on direct contact and/or fieldwork with a company, including interviews, internal company data, etc.). Field-based submissions require a Consent to Use (release) form.

Cases developed by use of published sources and general experience (an author’s first-hand experience with a real organization) are also welcome. 

Submissions must be accompanied by a suitable, comprehensive teaching note that has an emphasis on effective, engaging online delivery. 

View the full submission guidelines.

Authors are invited to write cases on a wide spectrum of topics and issues related to international business, including but not limited to: 

  • Challenges that business managers face when engaging stakeholders in the creation of an international business.
  • Work performed by the governmental and non-governmental agencies with practices relevant for growth in international trade and business. 
  • Foreign laws and regulations as they pertain to promoting international business.
  • Human resource aspects from on-boarding and staff development to performance evaluation in case of an international business. 
  • Gender equality, women as leaders and entrepreneurs, and changing workplace dynamics in a multinational company.
  • Use of AI, crypocurrencies and digital transformation in an international business.
  • Interests of shareholders, employees, environment and community when operating an international business. 
  • Strategic development of a new international start-up, family business serial entrepreneurship.
  • Any type of disruption associated with international business (e.g., demonetization in India to reduce corruption, supply chain issues) and more.

Case submissions will be evaluated on:

  1. Quality and appropriateness of format, content, structure and style. The competition seeks submissions that demonstrate good practice in case writing and teaching guidance. Each submissions must be related to international business and meet the guidelines.
  2. Value to the teaching and learning exercise. Cases that are likely to invite lively engagement in fundamental issues and contribute to the learning of important international business concepts and skills are especially welcome.
  3. Timeliness and timelessness. Both new cases that fill important and emerging curriculum gaps and those that remain resilient in long and widespread use will receive special consideration.
  4. Classroom utility. Successful classroom use as relayed in teaching and usage notes that provide thorough analysis and detailed teaching suggestions will be particularly valued.

All submitted cases will be subject to review by plagiarism detection software under license to Ivey Business School Foundation. The submitted case and teaching note will be peer-reviewed by one or more judges, who are full-time faculty members at Ivey Business School and Fox School of Business. Revisions may be requested to the case and teaching note before being accepted for publication.

When accepted for publication, winning cases will be added to the Fox-Ivey library of business cases. Prizes will be awarded to authors once published. If needed, cases may be further developed in partnership with Fox faculty co-authors. Author royalties will be managed through Ivey.

Dates to Remember
Workshop: Case writing fundamentals
Workshop: Teaching cases online
Workshop: Case discussion in a virtual lecture hall
Submission platform opens
Submissions due
Finalists announced