Center for Statistical Analysis

statistical consulting, support, and training


Established in the Fox School of Business, Department of Statistical Science, the mission of the Center for Statistical Analysis (CSA) is to provide professional statistical consulting support and training to Temple University faculty, researchers, and students; and to external clients in the wider business, science, industry, and government sectors. The Center will offer an integrated, comprehensive statistical consulting service covering all aspects of a quantitative research project ranging from the initial study design through to the presentation of the final research conclusions. The Center will work co-operatively with other established centers across the University.


The Center can provide support in the areas of:

  • Design of Experiments
  • Biostatistics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Time Series
  • Marketing Models


The Center’s consultants provide collaborative support in the planning, design, and management of research projects. It is recommended that researchers contact the Center early in the planning stages of their project to establish a collaborative relationship and ensure the highest quality results. The Center also welcomes faculty and researchers who have already collected data and would like assistance including the most effective analysis for answering their research questions.


Over the past few years, the Center for Statistical Analysis has organized several workshops and conferences on a variety of topics:

Data Analysis using R and SAS

Three-day workshop for Global Indemnity Group employees on data analysis and statistical computing using R and SAS software at their Bala Cynwyd location.

Design and Analysis of Experiments with Applications

Two-day workshop on the design and analysis of experiments with applications at the Fox School of Business. Faculty, researchers, and graduate students from the Schools of Pharmacy, Engineering, Health, Tourism and Business attended this highly successful workshop.

Design and Analysis of Experiments in Engineering

Four-day workshop for Asahi Glass Company on the design and analysis of experiments. This comprehensive workshop covered an array of designs with applications in engineering including block designs, factorial designs, nested and hierarchical designs.

Conference on High Dimensional Statistics

Held in collaboration with the Department of Statistics, topics included High-Dimensional Statistical Inference, Spatio-Temporal Data Applications, and Computational Algorithms for High-Dimensional Data. Well known researchers from Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, and Michigan spoke at the one-day conference.

Statistics Methodology in Dentistry

A workshop on statistical methodology in dentistry organized for Dental School graduate students and residents on topics requested by the Graduate Education office at Temple’s School of Dentistry.

Choice Based Conjoint Analysis – Models and Designs

A workshop on choice based conjoint analysis and discrete choice experiments with applications. Topics included Pareto Optimal Designs, Availability Designs, and Sequential Experiments.

Statistical Methodology in Medicine and Biological Sciences

Held at the Temple University School of Medicine. Eminent researchers from industry and academia spoke on topics such as Genome-wide Association Studies, Biomedical Network Estimation, and Modern Techniques for Testing Large Number of Hypotheses.