What We Do

CEDWC provides opportunities for students to engage with issues of diversity and workplace culture as part of their classes, in experiential learning settings, in large public events, and through connections with industry professionals. The center funds and promotes research on diversity and workplace culture issues and provides opportunities for scholars to share their research with one another, with students and with industry.

We are driven to build workplaces that are focused on equity, inclusivity and the ability of each person to be their authentic self at work. The “business case” for diversity is overwhelming. More diverse companies perform better financially, are more innovative, and are better at attracting and retaining talent.  Substantive efforts at diversity and inclusion require multiple voices at the table, a willingness to have difficult conversations and a sense of humility. CEDWC brings together industry leaders, government officials and academics to engage in these important conversations.

Our Goals

Educate Leaders

Educate current and future managers and business leaders and drive the creation of ethical and inclusive workplace cultures.

Support Industry-Driven Research

Connect industry professionals, government officials and scholars to identify research questions and promote faculty research that impacts diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Instruct Students

Teach Fox and STHM students about systemic racism, implicit bias and other forms of discrimination through experiential education, public events and curricular innovations.

Provide Scholarships

Fund scholarships, grants and financial support for diverse students and opportunities for North Philadelphia students in need of financial support to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

Build Connections Between Students and Industry

Offer recruiting opportunities for companies and students to connect, ensuring students have opportunities to network and employers to recruit through industry-sponsored events. Build a local, regional and national network of diverse graduates with similar interests and expertise.

Diversify Our Community

Attract a diverse faculty who, along with our alumni, can support students and help them recognize their potential. Recruit a diverse student population with an interest in these key issues who are positioned to create a more diverse workforce.