Research Connect

Research Connect is the TRC’s program for connecting researchers to business leaders and policymakers to ask and answer better research questions. It includes seminars series, advisory groups, commissioned research opportunities and faculty-executive research exchange programs.

This event series hosted by the TRC brings together industry executives and academics to discuss how to answer relevant questions in their fields. The following events have been scheduled for the fall 2020 semester.

  • Managing the Economy and Industry after Crises
  • Engaging Race at Work: Effective Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Behavioral Nudging for Wellbeing

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TRC can help to arrange company- or organization-sponsored research at a variety of different levels of sophisticationsuch as methodologically sophisticated doctoral student-staffed projects, complex policy projects or bespoke strategic research by teams of MBAs and executives.

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The Translational Research Center uses its Advisory Group to guide best practices for connecting to industry professionals. The Advisory Group is currently in formation, with an anticipated launch date of January 2021.

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TRC facilitates opportunities for faculty and executives to walk a mile in each other’s shoes. Faculty can sharpen research ideas through industry sabbaticals and research-oriented executives can participate in co-designed projects as TRC Executive Research Fellows.

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Evidence-based Teaching and Learning

The TRC supports evidence-based teaching by helping faculty develop teaching cases and other tools and activities that bring insights and the research process itself into the classroom to enhance student understanding and engagement. We also support pedagogical research designed to provide a solid empirical foundation for teaching practices.

The TRC believes that bringing research into the classroom is a key part of disseminating insights and enhancing student engagement. In this series on business cases, the TRC will support faculty and doctoral students in both writing, teaching and publishing cases with practical impact in the classroom. The following events are planned for the fall 2020 semester.

  • Effective Case Writing: Identifying the Key Business Decision and Shaping the Narrative
  • Bringing Cases into the Classroom: Techniques for Teaching Cases Online
  • Finding Industry Partners for Case Writing

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TRC aims to support faculty in writing cases. Interested faculty can contact the TRC to get help in matching your teaching idea to a company, arrange writing support or join a case writers’ circle.

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Fox and STHM faculty are actively involved in writing and publishing teaching cases. TRC work with faculty to collect ideas for incorporating research into the classroom to enhance the learning experience.

We also invite you to interact with other case writers through the North American Case Research Association, an organization of researchers and professors, promotes excellence in case research, writing, and teaching in business and related disciplines. NACRA publishes the highly selective Case Research Journal and hosts an annual conference in which participants workshop their cases. Read their Newcomer’s Guide to NACRA for more information.

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TRC supports and collects research designed to provide a solid empirical foundation for teaching practices. Interested faculty can contact the TRC to explore a pedagogical research idea, to arrange writing support or to join a pedagogical researchers’ writing circle.

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Interdisciplinary Events Series

Interdisciplinary approaches and translational research are important in advancing actionable insights to solve real-world problems. In pursuit of high impact research, the Fox School is introducing a cross-disciplinary theme for departmental seminars. By exploring a thematic area across departments and showcasing different perspectives in scholarship, the Translational Research Center (TRC), in partnership with the Office of Research and Doctoral Programs, aims to bring together scholars with common interests and increase opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the research theme was “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.”

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the research theme is “Artificial Intelligence.”