Declare a Business Major

Before you complete the Fox Change of Program Process:

  • Consider why you are considering a change in major – what are your goals, your strengths, your weaknesses? There are many avenues to reach most goals and business may be only one avenue. You need to know your goals to find the best program fit for you! Please see the steps listed below to help you make your decision.
  • The BBA program is very quantitative! If you don’t like or struggle in math, this is not the program for you! Read our program requirements in the Fox School of Business and Management section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.
  • You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to change into the Fox School.
  • Helpful Tips for Declaring a Major in Fox

Fox Change of Program Workshop is available in Canvas!

Current Temple students interested in declaring a major in Fox must first complete the Fox Change of Program (CoP) workshop in Canvas.

  • Self-enroll in the Fox Change of Program Workshop
  • University Honors students interested in changing to Fox should contact Fox Honors Advising @ 
  • View the Presentations and Complete the Quiz.
  • You will receive an updated DARS and course suggestions from a Fox Advisor within two weeks after submitting your official request.
  • You are expected to complete preliminary research on Fox degree programs prior to the workshop.

Please Note: CoP’s are effective for the following semester.

Declaring a Business Minor or Certificate

Does completing a minor or certificate (or even a second major) make sense for you? While many students complete a second major or multiple minors or certificates in an effort to impress potential employers (and get that job!), this strategy can backfire unless you can articulate why you pursued these multiple avenues. Without a clear rationale for your decision, you may appear indecisive – not a trait that employers are seeking in their new hires.

What steps should you take to decide if completing a second major, minor, or certificate is best for you? Your choice of major(s), minor(s) and/or certificates should enhance your qualifications to pursue your goals. Identifying your goals and the industry and/or career you eventually want to pursue will help you make the important decision about choosing your major, minor or certificate program.

Step One:

Self Assessment

How can you decide your goals if you cannot identify your strengths, weaknesses, and values? Use University resources designed to help with this step:

Step Two:

Research Potential Industries/Employers of Interest

  • Attend Student Professional Organization (SPO) meetings to meet other students with similar interests, faculty with industry knowledge, and professionals with experience in an industry of interest.
  • Use the strategies found on the CSPD site: Explore “What Can You Do With this Major?” on the Career Development web site.

Step Three:

Identify Skills

Identify the skills employers are seeking – and choose your major/minor/certificate to enhance your skills, making YOU the most attractive job candidate.

  • Explore the Fox School majors in your Undergraduate Bulletin that corresponds with your matriculation date – use the bulletin archives if you started before the current year. (Your bulletin/catalog year is listed on your DARS document in OWLnet.)
  • Explore the Fox School minors and certificates listed below.

Step Four:

Develop plan of study

  • Meet with your academic advisor to see how the credits required for the major(s), minor(s), and/or certificates will fit into your academic program.
  • Develop your academic plan of study to complete all of your program requirements by your expected graduation date.

Step Five:

Non-Fox students must Complete the Fox Business/Certificate Workshop via Canvas

  • Self-enroll in the Fox Business Minor Workshop course in Canvas:
  • Complete all three parts of the workshop including
  • Business Minor Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
  • Business Minor Workshop Quiz. A score of 5 out of 5 is required.
  • Complete the Business Minor Workshop Survey to check off the minor or certificate you wish to declare at Fox.
  • Once all steps are completed an advisor will review your quiz and survey and will submit your Change of Program to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
  • Anticipate one to two weeks for processing. You will be able to register for any Fox business courses after your academic records have been officially updated with your new Fox minor or certificate.