Fox Undergraduate Research Leadership Program

The Fox Undergraduate Research Leadership Program is committed to supporting business research excellence among our undergraduate students. Our Fox Undergraduate Research Excellence program is designed to provide Fox and STHM students with the tools and experience that will help them succeed in today’s competitive business environment, which values decision making based on evidence.

Careers in all industries require conducting research to some extent. Everyone from business analysts and investment bankers to strategy consultants can use a basic understanding of research to make evidence-based decisions. Those looking to become scholarly researchers, either in a university setting or in organizations such as the World Bank, will need to learn the basics of hypothesis testing. Expertise in conducting research can not only open doors to exciting careers but are also needed to succeed in business environment today.

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What is the undergraduate research practicum?

The research practicum in business offers undergraduate students a hands-on practical experience working with Fox School faculty on an ongoing research project. This individualized method of learning with a faculty mentor will help the student study a topic of interest, while developing the tools and experience needed to grow their research skills.

Students are paired with a faculty mentor. Check the faculty profiles to find a mentor best suited for your areas of interest.

Read the full course description, learning objectives and deliverables.

Who should apply?

The research practicum in business is designed for undergraduate students in their sophomore or junior year in the Fox School or the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM). Exceptional students from other years are considered on a case-by-case basis. This program is for students who want to get hands-on research experience, solving interesting business problems. Selected undergraduate students will get an opportunity to work with Fox School faculty on a research project in accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, supply chain, strategic managements, statistics, and risk. This is a multi-disciplinary course and candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We expect a strong work ethic from our students.

What is the application process?

This is a highly selective program, with limited spots.

To be considered, please submit your CV, along with a 250-word paragraph on why you are interested in the research internship program.

Submit your application via this form.

What are the prerequisites?

To be considered, students need to earn 100 FLDP points by attending workshops or department seminars. For each workshop, students can earn between 20 and 40 FLDP points. Students can also attend a department seminar and do a short report on the seminar for 40 FLPD points. After earning 100 FLDP points focused on research excellence, students can apply for the program. Please check out the list of our upcoming workshops.

For students starting Fall 2022, students should earn FLPD points prior to applying to the program.