What Students Are Saying

Spring 2023

“I love the B4USOAR program. It helps me understand how college class will be like and what it is like being a college student. You get to sit in with college students and engage in with the professor. What I also like about the program is that you are taking a college course that you can earn a college credit to a university you want to go to. Once you finish the course, you are ahead of some of your peers in credits. So, it’s better to start now than later as an undergrad.”


18, Senior, Aspiring Information Systems Manager

Spring 2022

"I am so grateful that I was able to participate in the B4USoar program as I really enjoyed it, and feel that it has truly done so much for me in terms of college preparation."


18, Senior, Aspiring Information Systems Manager

Spring 2021

“I initially thought business wasn’t an area of interest for me, but the B4USoar workshop made me realize it is a viable career choice that I should consider pursuing!”


17, Junior, Aspiring Therapist

Spring 2020

Spring 2019