Application Requirements

B4USoar requires an application to be admitted to the program. In order for your application to be considered complete, you must submit the following:

Application Form

You must include personal essays.

Recommendation form from a teacher or guidance counselor

You must provide their name and contact information in your application, and a recommendation form will be emailed to them when you submit your application.

Waivers and Releases Form

Your parent or guardian must sign the Waivers and Releases form section of the application.

Student Learning Survey

You are required complete the student learning survey section of the application and a follow up survey at the end of the semester.

Notification of Acceptance

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Students are typically notified of their status via email within two weeks of Temple’s receipt of their application and other required documents.

Please note that being accepted to the B4USoar program does not mean that you are guaranteed admission to Temple University for undergraduate or graduate study. Similarly, if your application to the B4USoar program is denied, it does not mean that you will not later be admitted to Temple University for undergraduate or graduate study.