B4USoar Opportunities and Activities

B4USoar Workshops

Workshops are presented during the semester and offer the opportunity for B4USoar students to interact with Temple faculty and staff and other Temple students. Students interact and engage in discussions covering a range of topics like “Be a Business Leader: Tips of the Trade”, “Your Time Management Inventory”, “Define Yourself… In 30 Seconds”, “Showing Up in the Virtual World – B4USoar”, “Make Your Dreams Count with Financial Wellness”, “Students Going Global: No Passport Required…Yet!

Student Professional Organizations (SPO) Fairs

Presented by the Fox School of Business and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management this event offers the opportunity to explore our Student Professional Organizations (SPOs). SPO fairs are a wonderful way for you to learn about majors, interact with industry professionals, network and meet like-minded college students.

Speed Networking Events

This is a unique opportunity for High School Juniors or Seniors to interact with professionals from a wide range of fields with a focus on career readiness and how to get prepared. It is a tool to learn about the interview process and protocols. It is an opportunity for students to try out their “30 Second Personal Pitch”, communicate ideas regarding future career path, practice articulating ideas, ask and answer questions and listen.