Fox Faculty are Editors or Co-Editors of the Following Journals

Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory

Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory contributes to improving the practice and theory of auditing and encompasses internal and external auditing as well as other attestation activities and phenomena. Papers report results of original research that embody improvements in auditing theory or auditing methodology, discussion and analysis of current issues that bear on prospects for developments in auditing practice and in auditing research, and practices and developments in auditing in different countries. It prints quarterly in February, May, August and November.

Senior Editor: Jayanthi Krishnan

Data Envelopment Analysis Journal

The Data Envelopment Analysis Journal, the official journal of the International Data Envelopment Analysis Society, publishes theoretical and applied research advancing the use of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) as a methodology for improving organizational performance.

Editor: Rajiv Banker

Industrial Marketing Management

Industrial Marketing Management provides theoretical, empirical and case-based research geared to the needs of marketing scholars and practitioners researching and working in industrial and business-to-business markets. Scholars from North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia and other regions of the globe offer the latest findings for improving effectiveness and efficiency of industrial markets.

Editor: Anthony DiBenedetto

Journal of International Consumer Marketing

The Journal of International Consumer Marketing examines consumer and organizational buyer behavior on a cross-cultural/national and global scale combining up-to-date research with practical applications to help you develop an action plan for successful marketing strategy development.

Editor: Anthony DiBenedetto

Management and Business Review

Unlike other management journals, Management and Business Review (MBR) is guided by a diverse group of academic advisers from dozens of business schools, as well as executive advisers from a range of consulting companies and corporations. This unique structure makes MBR exceptionally aware of the needs and interests of a wide range of readers and authors. The first two issues of the journal will be free to access. The MBR provides our faculty with an opportunity to publish their insights and demonstrate their leadership for business leaders, industry executives, policyholders and community members. MBR offers a wide global perspective, in-depth coverage and the ability to disseminate practical results.

Additionally, the Fox Business Review is a quarterly supplement to MBR exclusively for alumni of the Fox School and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. It offers research insights specially curated for practitioners, giving you data-backed knowledge that few others have.

Executive Editor: Subodha Kumar

Review of Derivatives Research

The proliferation of derivative assets during the past two decades is unprecedented. With this growth in derivatives comes the need for financial institutions, institutional investors, and corporations to use sophisticated quantitative techniques to take full advantage of the spectrum of these new financial instruments. Academic research has significantly contributed to our understanding of derivative assets and markets. The growth of derivative asset markets has been accompanied by a commensurate growth in the volume of scientific research. The Review of Derivatives Research provides an international forum for researchers involved in the general areas of derivative assets. The journal publishes high-quality articles dealing with the pricing and hedging of derivative assets on any underlying asset (commodity, interest rate, currency, equity, real estate, traded or non-traded, etc.).

Co-Editor: Gurdip Bakshi