Support CEDWC

The Center for Ethics, Diversity, and Workplace Culture (CEDWC) highlights one of the strengths of the Fox School and STHM—an increasingly prominent set of scholars and teachers studying the importance (from both ethical and financial perspectives) of diversity and workplace culture. These thought leaders connect with public and private entities, including industry and government officials, to ensure the continued transformation of our curriculum, our students and our community.

Funding the center creates life-changing educational opportunities for students, avenues for new research into the ethical and cultural issues facing the business world today and the networking and mentoring opportunities that can move us toward greater equality and success in the business world and beyond.

    If you are interested in naming the center, creating scholarships or funding a research or teaching chair within the center, please contact Assistant Dean James Hansen.

    Other funding opportunities include:

    • Supporting scholarships and grants for underrepresented students.
    • Supporting scholarships and grants for students studying diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).
    • Grants and investments in DEI-focused research.
    • Programmatic support for courses, training and certifications at the center.
    • Research funding opportunities.
    • Professional training centered on systemic racism, implicit bias and other forms of discrimination.
    • Funding for events, conferences and symposia at the center.
    • Training, conference opportunities and travel expenses for center faculty and staff.
    • Recruitment support for Temple University, the Fox School of Business and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM).