COVID-19 Update

To our students and employer partners,

In response to COVID-19, maintaining the health and wellness of our community is our number one priority. Our “new normal” is to provide all our career and professional development services both in-person and virtually. Click here to learn more.

The CSPD Difference

The Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD), is a vital link between Fox School students and the business community. Through an integrated professional development program, unparalleled customer service, and in-depth knowledge of employer needs, CSPD prepares Fox students for the business world and provides recruiters with diverse and professionally polished management talent. 

The Fox Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) empowers students with life-long skills and a transformative professional development experience based on market-driven expertise. CSPD prepares students for the business world, provides recruiters with diverse and polished talent, and is a vital link between Fox School students and the business community.

  • Offer Fox School students opportunities to develop the essential communication and interpersonal skills and ethical values needed for today’s competitive global economy.
  • Work closely with Student Professional Organizations (SPO’s), for purposes of career building, networking, and development of leadership skills, while emphasizing the importance of business ethics.
  • Cultivate relationships with alumni and regional corporations resulting in internship and full-time career opportunities for students and startup partnerships for research projects, executive training, and outreach activities.
  • Integrate the Fox School students into the business community and serve as a recruitment tool for employers, thereby creating a dynamic synergy between the Fox School and its corporate partners.

CSPD Professional Development Model

Impression Management

Development of written, oral, visual, and non-verbal communications that persuade and inspire others.

Personal Development

Use of self-reflection to develop a course of action to improve specific skills that increase one’s potential.

Career & Industry Awareness

Demonstration of an understanding of the workplace, various industries, and career options through exploration, research, and experiential learning.

Find a Job or Internship on Handshake

Handshake is the innovative recruitment and career management platform for Fox School of Business students and alumni. The platform serves as the go-to resource for jobs, internships, events, and more.

Find a “Micro-Internship” on Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey connects Fox students with employers on short-term paid projects, usually in the range of 5-40 hours. These short term projects are called “Micro-Internships” and allow Fox students the ability to explore different career paths while demonstrating skills to potential employers.

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