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Temple University’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) has been renewed for another funding cycle and is currently implementing more than 70 events to improve U.S. competitiveness in the world marketplace and to produce globally competent students, faculty and staff. This year marks the fourth time Temple CIBER at the Fox School has received a grant from the Department of Education since the center’s inception in 2002 and is one of 17 such centers in the country.

The newly renewed proposal will help position U.S. interests to pivot to the growth markets of Asia, while remaining balanced in matured markets. In addition to enhancing programming in Japan and China, where Temple has a 30 year and nearly 20 year presence respectively, new programming will focus on emerging markets in Southeast Asia and India.

Through a series of programs such as conferences, seminars, and workshops, Temple CIBER has an important influence on the local K-12, academic and business communities.

“The renewal of this prestigious grant continues to affirm the Fox School’s vital role in producing cutting-edge international business research, promoting international ideas within our community and fostering worldwide learning among our students and faculty,” said Fox School Dean M. Moshe Porat. “Once again, the Fox School and Temple are being recognized as destinations for global engagement.”

The Fox School is host of the only CIBER in the greater Philadelphia region and also the only such center in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There are 3 CIBERs located in the northeastern United States.

Special Program Announcements

Faculty Development trip to increase International Business knowledge in the wine industry of a major wine exporting country: Santiago, Chile – (January 5-11, 2018)

Business Innovation in Chile: A Case Study of the Wine Export Sector

Join us for a summer experience in the Chilean wine country. As an innovation-driven economy, the United States prides itself on developing and delivering innovative goods and services domestically and globally through high-tech exports, creative branding, and in-demand services. Among those exports is our growing wine sector, led by Napa Valley but recently expanding into other parts of California, Oregon, Virginia, and other lesser known wine producing regions of the United States. Despite this expansion, the United States remains behind old world wine producers in Europe. Recently Chile and Australia are also outpacing the United States in terms of wine exports and have been leading the way in innovative production and marketing techniques.

On this faculty immersion experience, participants will visit a number of innovative businesses in the wine export sector and related industries in Chile to better understand how innovation in a highly-regulated sector can disrupt the traditional approaches taken by Old World producers in Europe and provide a comparative advantage for modern producers.

Some of the key learning outcomes on this immersion include:

  • An understanding of how innovation is utilized to drive growth in emerging markets;
  • A comparative perspective of an innovative sector active in the home and target market;
  • A better sense of the supply chain for a commodity such as wine and how innovation can accelerate movement along that supply chain and;
  • Tools that can be used to leverage enhancements in innovation for U.S. exporters.

The immersion experience is being led by Fox School of Business Assistant Professor, Dr. Kevin Fandl, a Latin America specialist with deep knowledge of the region. Dr. Fandl’s research emphasizes the relationship between law, policy, and business in global markets. He takes his extensive experience at senior levels of federal government policymaking to the marketplace by examining how laws and regulations drive or inhibit innovation and business opportunity. His knowledge of Chile as well as the wine industry add significant academic value to this immersion experience.

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Temple University’s Center for International Business Education & Research (CIBER) presents A Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB): Hong Kong – May 20-26, 2018

Asia’s Business Center (and for how much longer?)

Since its return to China in 1997, the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region 香港特别行政区 has proven itself a durable financial center not only for Asia, but also for the world. It rivals Tokyo and Singapore for numbers of expatriate residents, high real estate values and international company headquarters. Prada, L’Occitane and Samsonite are all listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Bolstering Hong Kong’s prominence is its proximity to mainland China; one can walk, subway or ferry to the border and enter the city of Shenzhen, located in Guangdong province, the factory of the world. Hong Kong is also a 55-minute ferry ride to Macau, Asia’s casino, with ferries departing every 15 minutes round the clock. Lastly, many emerging business centers such as Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Manila, and Bangkok are just one short flight away. What does all this mean for us, and to our international business students?

We will speak with business leaders in law, finance, manufacturing, insurance and consumer products to decipher how Hong Kong punches far above its weight. More tellingly, we will see how Hong Kong may fare if emerging centers such as Shanghai and others ride the Asian economic wave past Hong Kong itself. Hong Kong is a vital window into Asia, international business and international education.

Relevant discussions will include:

  • How does Beijing threaten Hong Kong’s prominence?
  • How can global business leaders, including our students, learn from the frenzied economic activity and infrastructure of the island?
  • How can US-based educational institutions compete with their Asian and other global counterparts to produce the next generation of leaders working in Asian markets?
  • Can Hong Kong, a land area that is only eighteen square miles larger than Rhode Island, hold on to its luster?
  • How will the growth of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and others in Asia affect the future of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ?

The immersion experience is being led by Fox School of Business, Omario Kanji, an international attorney and Asian specialist with deep knowledge of the region. Omario began his legal career in securities law, assisting Chinese companies’ initial public offerings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He has since assisted clients in their corporate growth, intellectual property management and global business strategies. Omario resided in Beijing and Hong Kong for eight years and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

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The Fall 2016 Issue of Global Perspectives Has Been Released

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CIBER Research

Dr. Ram Mudambi

iBEGIN Project

Innovative research on International Management is a key component of the CIBER program. Each year, the CIBER team awards grants to applicants who demonstrate the ability to impact U.S. competitiveness, in additional to supporting ongoing major projects, including Program Director Dr. Ram Mudambi's iBEGIN (iBEGIN, or International Business, Economic Geography and Innovation) project. Read more about IBEGIN. Learn More About CIBER Research