The Data Science Institute (DSI) is the home to cutting-edge research in data science and analytics education at Temple University. Focusing on a wide range of challenging methodological and applied problems in statistics, computer science, and business disciplines, the faculty in the Data Science Institute works closely with private corporations, and non-profits, and government organizations to identify important problems, and to collaboratively develop sophisticated yet practical solution that are poised to have a substantial impact in the world.

Scholars and practitioners at Data Science Institute develop new lines of scientific inquiry, serve as a brain trust for the Great Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, and function as a bridge for translating research and ideas into knowledge, products, and best practice for industry, government, and society at large.

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Edoardo M. Airoldi
Statistics, Operations, and Data Science
Millard E. Gladfelter Professor of Statistics & Data Science
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  • Titles & RolesProfessor of Finance (by courtesy)
    Co-Director, Temple Data Science Institute
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Zoran Obradovic
Data Science Institute
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Data Analytics
  • Office LocationSERC Room 382
  • Titles & RolesCo-Director, Temple Data Science Institute
    Professor of Computer and Information Sciences
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