The Data Science Institute (DSI) at Temple University is at the pinnacle of the field of data science with its cutting-edge research and data science and analytics education. Focusing on a wide range of challenging methodological problems in data science, information systems, statistics, and other areas, the Data Science Institute works closely with private and public sectors to identify and address problems for which a solution would have a substantial impact in the world.

The Data Science Institute’s mission is to advance the linkage between the role of emerging technologies and data in the digital transformation of organizations, markets, government, the public and private sector, and society in general. The Data Science Institute aims to develop scientific inquiry and academic scholarship on data science and data analytics, serving as a bridge for translational science between academia, industry, and society.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates the full functionalities of emerging technologies to encapsulate the transformational potential that large-scale data affords. By harnessing the power of big data, data science and data analytics enable the discovery and extraction of actionable knowledge from data to create digital strategy and infrastructure, transforming organizational operations and objectives. By adopting a digital vision, creating a digital culture, and implementing a robust technological infrastructure, organizations and societies will re-invent themselves with the incorporation of data science and technological advances.

Data science has a tremendous impact across industries—from improving businesses’ financial performance to understanding how millions of genetic pairs interact to creating the digital transformation of politics and campaigning. Today, data science is entering a new era, where information technology and the proliferation of data is changing the way that business and organizations operate. By leveraging analytic capabilities, organizations can enhance processes, develop new products and services, and create more personalized interactions through the availability of large-scale data. With data science, the opportunity exists to use emerging technologies to extract valuable, complex, and varied information to develop strategies to maintain a competitive advantage.


Zoran Obradovic
Data Science Institute
Co-Director, Temple Data Science Institute
  • Office LocationSERC Room 382
  • Titles & RolesLaura H. Carnell Professor of Data Analytics
    Professor of Computer and Information Sciences
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Edoardo M. Airoldi
Co-Director, Temple Data Science Institute
  • Titles & RolesMillard E. Gladfelter Professor of Statistics & Data Science
    Professor of Finance (by courtesy)
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