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The Future of Work

Business is changing fast.Can you keep up?

The Future
of Work
Worker One Hat Worker One Body
Worker Two Hand Worker Two Briefcase Worker Two Body
Worker Three Phone Worker Three Tablet Worker Three Hand Worker Three Body
Worker Four
Worker Four Chart Worker Four Chart Worker Four Chart Worker Four Hologram

Are you prepared for The Future of Work?

The idea of work is constantly evolving. The way business is conducted today is drastically different than how we worked five, ten or twenty years ago.

Changes in the workplace can be small—like an increase in teleworking—to industry-changing—like the advent of Uber. Entire jobs have ceased to exist and new opportunities have taken their place. What has not changed is the need for business executives to understand current trends while staying ahead of the curve.

At the Fox School of Business, researchers are staying on top of the latest innovations in business. Our research covers the newest technologies, changing workplace culture and demographic shifts in employees and consumers— plus, management strategies to help leaders adapt to it all.