Fox MBA + MS in Business Analytics

Fox MBA + MS Business Analytics

Pursue your Fox MBA simultaneously with your Master of Science in Business Analytics.

Which Fox MBA is available for this dual degree?

You may pursue this dual degree through the following format(s):

  • In Person / Part-Time / Full-Time MBA
  • As of 3/14/2022, MS BA classes are primarily in person although some are offered in Online MBA format, the entire program is NOT fully online at this time.
Where can I learn more about each program?

Visit the following websites to learn about each master’s program for this dual degree:

How many credits apply between programs?

The university allows a maximum of 15 credits to be shared between the MBA and the MS program. Some students may not be eligible for the full 15 credits. Students are encouraged to begin planning for a potential dual degree by meeting with their advisor early in their primary degrees.

How many credits are required to complete each program?
  • Fox MBA - 48 credits consisting of 30 core class credits and 18 credits of electives.
  • MS Business Analytics – 30 credits consisting of 21 core class credits and 9 electives.
  • If completed separately, the two degrees total 78 credits (48 MBA credits + 30 MS credits).  If max credits (15) are shared across the two degrees (based on eligibility), you will only need 63 credits to complete both degrees.
How do I apply to the program?
  1. Meet with your primary advisor. Your advisor will create a customized dual degree plan that is specific to you and your advisor can answer questions about the program. Your advisor will be able to connect you to the appropriate admissions recruiter contact.
  2. After meeting with your advisor, follow this link, and apply for the dual degree by selecting the second degree.
  3. Additional documents may be needed when applying for the dual degree.
  4. Once formally admitted to the second degree, you will follow your personalized dual degree plan to complete the remaining required classes and fulfill any elective credits that may be needed.
  5. Application deadlines – students apply and are admitted in the final semester of the primary program.  Students must apply no later than the end of their final semester in the primary program.
Who do I contact with questions?

Admissions representatives at the Fox School vary by program. Should you have questions pertaining to the Fox MBA, please contact your personal admissions representative. Not sure who your personal admissions representative is? Reach out to to get connected to the appropriate contact.

*curriculum for each program is defined on the Graduate Bulletin.