News and Highlights

APRIL 17, 2019 – Adam Lyons, BBA ’09, stops into the Creativity and Organizational Innovation Class to interact with students and share his story of the creation of his very successful entrepreneurial venture, The Students had the opportunity to share their current projects with Adam and receive first-hand advice from this renowned entrepreneur.

What Students Are Saying

Spring 2021

“I initially thought business wasn’t an area of interest for me, but the B4USoar workshop made me realize it is a viable career choice that I should consider pursuing!”
Farhaanah, 17, Junior, Aspiring Therapist

Spring 2020

“For me, being a mentor was about self-reflection. It helped me grow and to see other’s perspectives.”
Rhiannon, 19, Temple Sophomore, Aspiring Database Manager
“It was nice getting a college student’s perspective and I would never have thought about marketing and writing as a career.”
Masseba, 17, Junior, Aspiring Screenwriter
“This class was a very great experience. We learned many new skills and met many new people in a very short school year. I will definitely recommend this class to everyone.”
Damire, 18, Junior, Aspiring Botanist
“This was a very enlightening experience for me. As someone who is always thinking of ideas. I obtained a lot of thinking skills and strategies that I can use in every area. I am very thankful that I got to attend a college class and be in an environment that made me strive to think differently. I met amazing people and did very fun intellectual work.”
Brianna, 17, Aspiring Medical Entrepreneur

Spring 2019

“This class is about teaching us to think needfully and to try to make things different on a daily basis. It’s about trying to create new ideas instead of thinking, ‘I can’t do this.’”
CAMERON, 17, junior, aspiring creative writer
“This class is teaching what is useful in the real world. High School is kind of redundant. In here it is stuff I can really use to progress in life.”
JAMES, 17, senior, aspiring real estate developer
“So basically, this class is about teaching people to think outside the box. You want to expand your thinking outside the box and to how you can help people.”
JOSEPH III, 17, junior, aspiring aerospace engineer