Push the Frontier of Academic Research

The Fox PhD program trains outstanding scholars who advance the state of their fields through research and teaching. Prepare to lead field research and pursue life-long academic careers at prestigious research universities around the world. The PhD program at the Fox School is a full-time, five-year program for hard-working men and women with exceptional intellectual skills who aim to tackle complex business problems. Our greatest resource – our faculty – is an internationally recognized group of leaders who conduct cutting-edge research that crosses disciplinary boundaries. Engage the changing world of management for years to come with the Fox PhD program.

Why the Fox PhD

The Fox School of Business PhD program combines top research faculty with small class sizes and a cutting edge curriculum to help students succeed in today’s academic world. Students have the opportunity to build their research portfolio, present work at international conferences and meet with top researchers from around the world as they develop their network.

Culture of Mentoring
The Fox School formally encourages a culture of mentoring where faculty collaborate with students on joint endeavors. Fox students benefit from the high-quality research produced by their mentors, while the faculty benefit from these students’ fresh ideas. This mentoring is intended to support PhD students as they adapt to the rigors of academic life and successful scholarship.

Program Overview

The Fox School’s PhD program offers a degree in Business Administration, encompassing ten concentrations; a degree in Decision Neuroscience, and a degree in Statistics. Although tailored to meet the individual demands of field specialization, each program utilizes a similar structure. This includes coursework for approximately two and a half years, required research papers, screening examinations and a dissertation. The expected time for degree completion is five years.

For more information on each field of study, including any additional requirements, allowance for interdisciplinary study and financial aid information, explore each individual page below.

All students admitted to Fox PhD programs are considered for full financial support. Funding typically comes in the form of an assistantship and includes full tuition and a competitive stipend for at least four years, based on adequate progress and yearly evaluations. Students who apply before the January 5 deadline will also be considered for Temple’s prestigious university fellowships.