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About the Online & Digital Learning Department

The Fox Online & Digital Learning department is a team of Instructional Designers, Instructional Technologists, and Videographers that are committed to providing exemplary customer service and support for students and faculty with their online and hybrid courses here at the Fox School of Business.

Instructional Designers collaborate with faculty to incorporate evidence-based strategies, educational technology, and materials into online and face-to-face classrooms. They offer best practices in Canvas navigation, syllabus construction, and collaborate with faculty to design “interactivities” for both online and classroom environments.

Using on-site video production facilities, our videographers provide the full spectrum of video production services, including studio/on-location recording, graphic design/animation services, and post-production transcription.

Our team of Instructional Designers are here to support faculty and students as they utilize the Canvas learning management system (LMS) for their courses. Visit our Canvas Resources page or reach out to our team for any questions:

Our team of Instructional Technologists train and support faculty and students on the use of Temple University’s web conferencing applications, Zoom and Webex. They are also available during class sessions as tech support to ensure that all online classes run smoothly.

For questions regarding Zoom in your course, contact:

For questions regarding WebEx in your course, contact:

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