The 21 full-time members of our faculty are nationally and internationally known experts in the areas of risk management, health care, employee benefits, property liability insurance, and actuarial science. Research plays a crucial role in advancing the frontiers of knowledge and practice in our discipline. A recent ranking by the Journal of Risk and Insurance indicated that our faculty are ranked second in the country for research productivity in the field of risk management and insurance.

The Department houses the Advanta Center for Research in Financial Institutions, the Center for Healthcare Research and Management, and five leading academic journals in the field. Dr. J. David Cummins is co-editor of the Journal of Banking and Finance. Dr. Mike Powers serves as editor of Journal of Risk Finance and as editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance. Dr. Mary Weiss serves as editor of Risk Management and Insurance Review; she is also the immediate past President of the American Risk and Insurance Association.


The Department’s research in macro-level market concerns focuses on overall market concerns within the insurance and healthcare industry, including items such as organizational structure, efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Research in decision theory and behavioral consumer theory involves research on the consumer side of the insurance and healthcare industry, including work on demand and decision-processes.  Risk management research focuses on internal management choices that affect firm performance, as well as firms’ decisions on pricing and resource allocation, which involve interactions with other firms in the industry. Finally, the Department’s research focuses on public policy and regulation, namely analyzing the impact of public policy and regulation on insurance and/or healthcare markets.

Themes – The Global Impact of Fox School Research

Research is a top priority at the Fox School. Faculty and students across departments regularly make unique contributions that impact the academic world and the global business community, as well as society as a whole. Learn more about the important work done at Fox by exploring the following research themes.​​

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