Our faculty publishes in and serves as guest editors, associate editors and editorial board members for a number of prestigious scholarly journals. 

Risk and Insurance 

Faculty research in macro-level market concerns focuses on overall market concerns within the insurance and healthcare industry, including items such as organizational structure, efficiency, productivity, and innovation. 

Research Areas
  • Financing of catastrophic risk
  • Corporate governance in the insurance industry
  • Systemic risk in insurance & banking industries
  • Insurance efficiency & productivity
  • Insurance distribution channels
  • Market structure
  • Industrial organization
  • Insurance demutualization
  • Reserve management
  • Ethical concerns within insurance & financial markets
  • Impact of litigation risk on insurance
  • Pension and longevity risk market
  • Innovation in insurance and healthcare
  • Changes in insurance reimbursement and long-term care markets
  • Financing of health systems
  • Mergers and pricing in the hospital industry
  • Physician innovation and new technology adoption in medical devices and surgery
  • Insurance demand
  • Healthcare demands
  • Behavioral decision theory
  • Risk management, including insurance financing decisions, enterprise risk management, etc.
  • Impact of technology on digital marketing management
  • Impact of public policies on insurance demand and insurance markets, including optimal public policy research

Insurance and healthcare issues in international markets

Legal Studies 

The Legal Studies faculty publishes in a number of prestigious academic and practice-oriented books and publishes articles in some of the premier law publications around the country. Faculty publishes in a variety of specialties ranging from public policy and real estate to medicine, the law and ethics.

Corporate Governance, Public Policy and Regulatory Process

Legal Studies focuses on issues that lie at the intersection of corporate governance, public policy, and the regulatory process at regional, national, and international levels. Specific topics for this theme include the regulation of fraud, bribery and other financial crimes and the impact of corruption upon the public and private sectors; director and officer liability; workplace law and policy, including the impact of and changes in employment discrimination, diversity in the workplace, treatment of whistleblowers and retaliatory behavior; growth and impact of covenants not to compete, arbitration clauses, and disclosure requirements in employment contracts; international commercial regulation, such as business development in emerging markets; international intellectual property enforcement; business-related migration and business insurance; and employer rights under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act.

Real Estate

This theme addresses developments in the real estate sector, including common interest communities, fracking, pipeline development, eminent domain, flood issues and title insurance.


This theme addresses the intersection of law and medicine in a business setting.

Current PhD Students

Profile type
  • Jiyoung Lee

    Jiyoung Lee

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Rui Li

    Rui Li

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Mohammad Soltaninejad

    Mohammad Soltani-Nejad

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Dekun Zhai

    Dekun Zhai

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Yuanyuan Zhong

    Yuanyuan Zhong

    • Fox School of Business and Management

      • Risk Management and Insurance

        • PhD Student