Finance Major

  • Finance BBA

    Build a solid foundation of technical and theoretical skills and learn how to connect them to real-world applications with our rigorous, business-oriented curriculum. This degree will jumpstart and provide a seamless transition to your accounting career with its comprehensive academic plan.

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  • Banking and Financial Services Concentration

    Envision yourself in a role that you hadn’t considered or find out about the day-to-day life of the many types of professionals required at financial institutions. The Banking and Financial Services concentration provides students with the necessary background for entry level work as a credit, market risk or asset-liability analyst.

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  • Accelerated BBA

    Want to do more in less time? In addition to our four-year BBA program, the Fox School offers an accelerated program for motivated students who want to finish their bachelor’s in three years and transition directly into the Fox Specialized Master’s Finance Suite. Click the “Learn More” button below to see the accelerated three-year plan.

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Finance Minor

  • Finance Minor

    The Finance Minor teaches students how to use financial principles to manage and improve a variety of public and private organizations. The minor can be especially attractive for Accounting, Marketing, Risk Management, and Real Estate majors. Business and non-business students are eligible.

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Finance Masters

  • Master of Science in Financial Analysis

    Develop the broad financial expertise that will provide the foundation for your career. With the Master of Science in Financial Analysis, you’ll explore the cutting-edge financial theory and quantitative tools that drive today’s global financial markets. Benefit from the flexibility to complete the program on a 10-month full-time path, our immersive 22-month full-time path to completion, or our part-time option. In addition to learning industry best practices and the power of financial technology, you’ll prepare for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential through dedicated modules and industry study packages, so you can pursue your professional designation while earning your degree—placing you on the path to a rewarding career.

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  • Master of Science in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

    The Fox Master of Science in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management delivers a curriculum that develops expertise in cutting-edge financial modeling and transaction analysis. Accelerate your career through our 10-month full-time pathway. Dedicated FRM Exam modules, industry study packages, and a credit-bearing professional development course will help you prepare for your future in finance. Specific questions about courses or the program’s curriculum? Get answers from a member of the graduate finance programs department.

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  • Master of Science in Financial Analysis and Quantitative Risk Management

    Benefit from a balanced curriculum that combines our Financial Analysis program with our Quantitative Risk Management program to deliver the resources to pursue both CFA and FRM credentials. You’ll learn how to analyze evolving global market opportunities, gain insight into complex derivative products, and discover how to drive today’s financial services industry—and you’ll gain the support to develop your ideal professional path.

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Finance Doctorate

Our institution offers a Business Administration specialization, or PhDBA, which readily equips professionals to continue their careers at aspirant and peer institutions, as well as corporations and organizations. Students are trained rigorously in a broad range of subfields in finance with an emphasis on corporate finance. Our outstanding faculty members individually mentor each PhD student to guide them through the program offer resources, tips and connections, and help maximize each student’s research potential. The end result is completion of a program built around your aspirations and strengths. The program involves coursework for two or two-and-one-half years, a preliminary exam in statistics and econometrics, first-year and second-year research papers, a comprehensive exam in finance, and a dissertation. In addition, students must meet teaching and residence requirements. On average, it takes about five years to complete the program. Admission to the PhD program requires a year of college-level calculus. In addition, a Master’s degree in business, economics, or a related area (or an equivalent research and teaching background) is required. Funding and scholarship options for new PhD in Finance students are available from Fox School Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships. You are highly encouraged to submit your application before December 15, which is the deadline for fellowship consideration.

  • PhD in Finance

    Comprehensive Exam Requirement: PhD students in Finance are required to pass a Comprehensive (Preliminary) Exam in February of the third year. The exam is designed to test whether the student has a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the theories, methodologies, and empirical findings in finance. It primarily focuses on the knowledge gained in the concentration seminars and theory courses, albeit other pertinent materials may also be included in the comprehensive exam. The comprehensive exam is administered by a committee consisting of faculty who teach the three concentration seminars (FIN 9001, FIN 9002, and FIN 9005) and the core course, BA 9203 (Financial Economics). The exam contains four parts relating to each of the above four courses. The exam is closed book and closed note. If a PhD student fails the comprehensive exam on the first attempt, the student must retake and pass the comprehensive exam within a reasonable time frame (usually 2-3 months).

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Financial Planning

  • Financial Planning Major

    Learn to protect, grow and manage assets with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Financial Planning from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. The major prepares students to help future clients meet their financial goals through the proper management of financial resources.

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Real Estate

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate

    Lay the groundwork for a successful career in the real estate industry with the Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. Acquire comprehensive knowledge of real estate transactions as well as investments and property management. You will develop competency around diverse subjects, including

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