Why study finance, financial planning, or real estate?

Finance plays a central role in everyone’s lives. Today’s global market is defined by complex financial issues that demand more from business professionals who must leverage academic research and proven best practices to develop and support efficient business models. Fox School programs offer a leading academic curriculum balanced with the opportunity for simultaneous professional certification and real-world problem-solving experience.

A degree in finance not only helps you understand the economy, fiscal performance, and financial products, but it will position you for a wide range of career possibilities, whether you work in the public or private sector, or for yourself. Finance majors typically find work in banks, firms, nonprofit organizations, government, or corporations.

Embark on a career in finance and reap the rewards of a fulfilling, flexible profession. A career as a financial analyst, international investment banker, real estate executive, or wealth manager starts with a strong foundation like the one offered here at the Fox School of Business.

Disciplines & Programs

Choose the Area of Study That is Right for You. Financial analyst, equity or bond trader, wealth management, credit analyst, treasury analyst, risk analysis, and compliance. Some of the most rewarding and challenging careers in domestic and international corporate community demand a background in finance. A Finance major from the Fox School prepares students for exciting and challenging careers in all areas of finance, and offers a robust curriculum, a broad and deep range of electives, and an impressive array of networking opportunities.

  • Finance

    Learn how studying Finance can boost your career opportunities. Undergraduate Major & Minor, Programs in Investment Management, Financial Analysis and Risk Management, and Financial Engineering. PhD – The doctoral program balances innovative research and hands-on experience.

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  • Financial Planning

    Financial planning is about determining how an individual can meet their life goals through the proper management of financial resources. It encompasses establishing client goals, analyzing clients’ current financial status, developing and presenting recommendations and alternatives to meet the client’s goals, and implementing and monitoring those recommendations and alternatives. This major provides the skills and knowledge to meet the increased demand for financial-planning professionals.

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  • Real Estate

    The Real Estate major is designed to provide an educational foundation for students interested in learning about real estate and real estate markets, and pursuing careers in real estate. Traditional career paths include real estate investment and financial analysis, real estate financing and mortgage lending, real estate appraisal and valuation, property management, residential and commercial brokerage and marketing, and corporate real estate analysis.

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Meet the faculty

The Owl Fund

The Owl Fund

The William C. Dunkelberg Owl Fund (“Owl Fund”) is a student run “value” equity investment fund that manages a portion of Temple University’s Endowment. The goal of the Owl Fund is to provide the Temple University students with a unique learning environment where they put investment principles into practice using live capital. Students prepare initiating coverage equity reports on S&P 500 companies by conducting market research, financial analysis, and relative/discounted cash flow valuations on companies in an assigned sector to capitalize on undervalued securities. Industry standard research tools such as Bloomberg Professional, FactSet and Thomson One are used to conduct company due diligence and valuation in creating research reports. Investment analysis and equity pitches are done in the Capital Markets Room.

The Diamond Bond Fund

The Diamond Bond Fund is a student-run fixed income fund that was approved by the Board of Trustees Investment Committee in February 2020. This fund will be run virtually in Fin 3522 (Advanced Portfolio Analysis) and Fin 3508 (Fixed Income Analysis) during the 2020-21 Academic Year then go live in the Fall 2021 semester. The fund provides students with the opportunity to manage a portfolio to a customized benchmark consistent within the University’s fixed income manager guidelines, translate a macro view on rates and credit spreads to rebalance the portfolio, and develop the ability to analyze a company’s capital structure to find value in specific bond issues. Students will be using industry standard tools such as Bloomberg Professional, Factset, and CapitalIQ to manage and monitor the portfolio. The fund will have an advisory board that for the students to use as a resource in managing the portfolio.

Capital Market Room

Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner

Bloomberg for Education has recognized the Fox School of Business as an Experiential Learning Partner (ELP). The Bloomberg ELP program partners with the Fox School to provide an innovative and rigorous curriculum for Fox students that incorporates experiential learning through the Bloomberg Terminal.

The Fox School offers innovative courses that build students’ financial market awareness and career readiness, and by using the Bloomberg Terminal, students can examine corporate fundamentals, assess relative value and understand corporate strategy in play. Through the ELP program, students gain insight into thousands of companies in more than 130 industries and understand the driving forces behind the movements in major asset classes, credit metrics, economics, and government policy. The Bloomberg Terminal at Fox brings together data, news and analytics to provide the kind of complete understanding of companies, industries and markets that is a cost of entry in the current financial job markets.

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