Professional Sales Organization

The Professional Sales Organization (PSO) seeks to develop sales excellence in students by teaching consultative negotiation, personal influence, and effective communication techniques that will allow students to create solutions and build meaningful business relationships. In addition, PSO aims to foster high quality leadership development in students through opportunities in the organization’s management team.

The founders of PSO identified a gap in hands-on communications and negotiations education at the Fox School. Furthermore, there was no comprehensive Sales training provided at Fox despite Sales being a major component of business. In addition, our founders recognized that the fundamental skills developed through sales & negotiations training are essential for success in almost every field of business. Thus, the Professional Sales Organization was founded to fill a missing component to the business education at the Fox School.

We provide students with a full suite of comprehensive sales and negotiations training that will allow students to successfully navigate through today’s business landscape. Everything from how to exert personal influence in daily life to sophisticated B2B deal negotiations will be taught and practiced.

Our training will equip students with tools such as consultative negotiations, active listening, and effective communication techniques that will be key assets for students in interviews, internships, and full time jobs.

In addition to Sales education, we provide students with leadership development opportunities through the management team, giving students the leadership and teamwork experience that is valued by employers.


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