In order to join PAD, potential members must pay a one-time $125.00 fee to PAD National.
The annual fee for the Temple Chapter is $30.00.

How to Pay

  • Complete the application form below
    • pay either by credit card or by check payable to “Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Int.”
  • Return the application form (and check if applicable), in person, either
    • (i) to Evan Partridge or Professor Lammendola at PAD’s weekly Wednesday meeting in Alter Hall Room 238, or
    • (ii) to Professor Lammendola in Speakman Hall 203B.

In addition to the PAD National application, students must pay their 30.00 Temple annual fee, by cash or check, and provide their Temple student identification number to Evan Partridge or Professor Lammendola. Please pay in person via the method described above.

Any student who is financially unable to pay the annual fee should , PAD Faculty Advisor to make alternative arrangements.