Board and Chair Positions

Four Elected PAD Chapter Board Members

Positions and Duties


The President shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the Chapter. The President shall work with the other officers to ensure that all other Chapter officers and committees are performing the duties of their respective offices and shall be responsible for the welfare and dignity of the Chapter during their term of office. The President is responsible, along with the other Chapter officers, for ensuring that the Chapter follows the Fraternity’s Financial Policy for Pre-Law Chapters, the Open Membership Policy, and the Alcohol and Anti-Hazing Policy. It is always important to remember that the President must work with the other officers and chairs.

Vice President

The Vice President shall work with the President in the performance of such Chapter duties as may be requested by the President. In the event of the absence, death, resignation, disqualification or removal from office of the President, the Vice President shall automatically assume the duties of the President. The Vice President shall be the public relations and historical officer of the Chapter provided however, that Chapter By-Laws may assign such public relations and historical duties to another officer; shall submit written articles of Chapter and Fraternity interest to the Director of Pre-Law Operations for publication; and shall perform such other duties relating to publicity as the Chapter President or the Director of Pre-Law Operations may request.


The Secretary shall be the chief recorder and correspondent of this Chapter. The y Secretary shall keep a true and complete record of all matters pertaining to this Chapter and shall certify thereto when necessary. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the Chapter Bylaws, minutes, administrative records and reports of this Chapter. The Secretary shall maintain a record of all Chapter members, together with their current addresses, and shall dispatch notices of meetings to members as appropriate in conjunction with the social media chair. The Secretary shall maintain a close liaison with the Chapter’s advisor or advisors and with the clerk of the local PAD law school Chapter if applicable. They shall be responsible for submitting the official reports required of the Chapter by the procedures promulgated by the International Executive Board and shall furnish the Executive Board, Director of Pre-Law Operations and Chapter President with such information as each may request. Will work closely with the Social Media Chair and Treasurer.


The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of this Chapter and be responsible, along with the other Chapter officers, of ensuring that the Chapter follows the Fraternity’s Financial Policy. The Treasurer shall have authority over all Chapter funds and of their collection and disbursement and work closely with the secretary in managing all matters relating to membership and dues.

Committee Chairs

(Appointed by Board in conjunction with Faculty Advisor)

Positions and Duties


Responsible for coordinating activities to increase membership, solicit and gather contributions, and plan fundraising events from inception to conclusion.

Professional Development

Responsible for helping members expand their professional education and career horizons. Should plan a minimum of three events per semester such as LSAT preparation, law school success strategies, and attorney guest speakers. Must also work and connect with other pre-professional fraternities on campus.

Social Events and Social Media

Responsible for composing and distributing the weekly newsletter, advertising all social events, planning and executing the induction ceremonies, and making certain the website and all social media accounts are updated. Requires consonant monitoring of events calendar. Will work closely with the Secretary.

Community Outreach/Philanthropy

Responsible for organizing at least one philanthropic event and one community outreach event each academic year.

Mock Trial

Responsible for organizing and scheduling mock trial tryouts and practices, coordinating with coach, and serving as contact to PAD National for all matters relating to the mock trial team.