Fox Accounting Association

The Fox Accounting Association, FAA, is an Accounting, Finance, and Business organization that aims to develop the student into a high-caliber professional. We introduce members to the top firms in the world, as well as industry experts who speak on leadership, the profession, and their career journeys. Every semester, the FAA organizes various networking opportunities in order to ensure members receive internships and full-time job offers with companies such as the Big 4 Accounting firms, Prudential, JP Morgan, Comcast, Saxby’s, the Phillies, and many more. Our officers help out through every step of the process– from building a resume to interviewing.

FAA believes in developing a well-rounded individual. We organize weekly community service events and socials for members, as well as host panels on important topics in our society that go far beyond accounting. Members also have the chance to take on leadership positions in FAA early on in their college career and obtain real-life experience in planning events and guiding other students. We encourage and recognize anyone who is willing to get involved and make an impact in our student organization.


Alter 403C

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Alter 238