One of the powerful combinations that you can make during your educational journey includes IB & entrepreneurship, whether you are from Philadelphia, a global city, or a city in Burkina Faso, Africa. All roads lead to Fox!

International Business Major

A major in International Business Administration combines coursework in international business (IB), geographical area studies, and foreign language. The IB major is a great choice for students who:

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  • Will pursue international business opportunities, according to 6 career tracks (e.g. international marketing or supply chain management concentrations)
  • Want to differentiate themselves by developing and leveraging a foreign language proficiency
  • Want to become familiar with the techniques required by global trade (more than $4 trillion in the US)
  • Would like to pursue a career that requires travel abroad and a global mindset to stay competitive
  • Want to be able to assess risks and opportunities of doing business abroad for their employer (even if they stay in the region)

Fox 3 Year IB Major

International Business Minor

The International Business minor is open to all business and non-business students, and is designed to benefit students of all majors by giving them an option to study IB courses, and embrace an increasingly International business world without having to be fully proficient in a foreign language.


Students Eligible: Business or Non-Business

Benefits of Minor:

  1. Understand basic business foundations
  2. Embrace and professionally engage an increasingly International world without having to be fully proficient in a foreign language.

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