Here is a sample Syllabus of summer 2015.

Intern Boot Camp Schedule

Intern Boot Camp prepares you to do a project-based internship. Work in 21st century is different.  You will learn how to be autonomous and an asset to your sponsoring company through this project-based approach.

Session locations are to be announced and are held from noon to 12:50 PM. Looking forward to seeing you there.

All are welcome, even if you just want to learn about 21st century knowledge work.

There are four parts to this program.  It is easiest to take them in order but not necessary.  Please be sure to attend and sign in to all four, as the entire program is required for internship credit.

You will enjoy the experience, I am sure.

Part I:
Industry Overview
Part II:
Project You!
Part III:
A Project Approach
Part IV:
Becoming an Asset
8/17/15 8/18 8/19 8/20 IEI Center, 5th Fl. Alter Hall
8/24/15 8/25 8/26 8/27 IEI Center, 5th Fl. Alter Hall
9/8/15 9/9 9/10 9/11 Career Center Conference Room(CCCR) Mitten Hall
9/21/15 9/22 9/23 9/24 IEI Center, 5th Fl. Alter Hall
10/12/15 10/13 10/14 10/15 CCCR Mitten Hall
11/9/15 11/10 11/11 11/12 IEI Center, 5th Fl. Alter Hall
1/11/16 1/12 1/13 1/14 CCCR Mitten Hall
1/25/16 1/26 1/27 1/28 IEI Center, 5th Fl. Alter Hall
2/8/16 2/9 2/10 2/11 CCCR Mitten Hall
2/22/16 2/23 2/24 2/25 IEI Center, 5th Fl. Alter Hall