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The Department of Strategic Management (SGM) is home to four areas of study: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Consulting, and International Business. The skills students master while studying these disciplines are universally applicable in the business world and create innovative, strategic, and forward-thinking employees equipped to add value to organizations in any field.

Undergraduate students can major in Entrepreneurship or International Business, and minor in Entrepreneurship, International Business, or Consulting. Graduate students can earn their Master of Science in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (IME), earn their MBA with a concentration in Strategic Management, or earn a dual MBA/IME degree. Graduate students can also take elective courses in International Business and Consulting. PhD students can specialize in Strategic Management.

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The Strategic Management Department prepares students to be industry leaders in Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, International Business, Consulting, and Strategic Management. Each program focuses on hands-on, experiential instruction that allows students to learn in real-world situations. Through internships, networking events, expert guest speakers, travel abroad, mentoring, and co-curricular programs, the SGM curriculum moves beyond the textbook. Under the guidance of faculty who are thought leaders in their fields, students have the opportunity to move toward their career goals and graduate ahead of the professional curve.

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The Strategic Management (SGM) faculty come from various backgrounds in strategy, economics, marketing, sociology, organizational theory, international business, and public policy. Thus, there is an appreciation for an interdisciplinary approach to the study of strategy within the department. Importantly, the department presents a fertile environment for those who wish to study at the various intersections of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and global business. Explore new insights and research.

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